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Ambrosia artemisiifolia(AMBEL)

Reporting Service articles

Num. Title year-month
2024/048 Alien plants of Kyrgyzstan 2024-02
2024/026 Updated checklist of invasive plant taxa in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2024-01
2023/075 Climate change increases the global threat of three ragweed species 2023-03
2022/250 Invasive alien plants in Romania 2022-11
2022/092 Economic impacts of invasive alien plants in France 2022-04
2022/074 Invasive alien plants along waterways in Serbia 2022-03
2022/046 First report of Ambrosia tenuifolia in Romania 2022-02
2022/026 Non-native Asteraceae in Tunisia 2022-01
2022/023 Invasive plants in Belarus 2022-01
2021/091 Ambrosia artemisiifolia along roads in Germany 2021-04
2021/002 Update on the situation of quarantine pests in the Russian Federation 2021-01
2020/257 Alien plants with potential impacts in Cyprus 2020-11
2020/238 Update on the situation of quarantine pests in Kazakhstan 2020-11
2020/237 Update on the situation of quarantine pests in Belarus 2020-11
2020/207 National and regional regulations for non-native plants in Italy 2020-09
2020/206 Benefits of biological control of invasive alien plants 2020-09
2020/183 Checklist of alien flora of Algeria 2020-08
2020/110 Weed seed contaminant of bird seed in the USA 2020-05
2019/219 Mapping invasive alien plants with citizen science 2019-10
2019/067 Allergenicity of ragweed species which have been recorded in Israel 2019-03
2018/208 Ambrosia artemisiifolia seed movement along roadsides 2018-10
2018/207 Estimating the economic benefits of the biocontrol agent Ophraella communa for Ambrosia artemisiifolia 2018-10
2018/147 Cost-effective cutting of Ambrosia artemisiifolia along roadsides 2018-07
2018/131 Invasive alien plants along roadsides in Europe 2018-06
2018/086 Ambrosia artemisiifolia control in agricultural areas in North-west Italy 2018-04
2017/201 Major emerging alien plants in Austrian crop fields 2017-10
2017/154 The suppressive potential of some grass species on the growth and development of Ambrosia artemisiifolia 2017-08
2016/122 Seedling performance of Ambrosia artemisiifolia 2016-06
2016/088 General public’s perception of invasive plant species in Switzerland 2016-04
2016/021 The influence of mowing regime on the soil seed bank of Ambrosia artemisiifolia 2016-01
2015/215 Economic analysis of invasive alien species costs to the French economy 2015-11
2015/124 International ragweed day (2015-06-27) 2015-06
2015/058 Present and future threats by invasive alien plants in Georgia 2015-03
2015/040 COST Action FA1203 Sustainable management of Ambrosia artemisiifolia in Europe (SMARTER) 2015-02
2014/223 Invasive alien plants in China 2014-11
2014/222 A smartphone application to report Ambrosia artemisiifolia in Europe 2014-11
2014/176 Update of the Black List and Watch List of invasive alien plants in Switzerland 2014-09
2014/125 Citizen observations of Ambrosia psilostachya in France 2014-06
2014/079 Q-bank database on invasive alien plants 2014-04
2014/075 Situation of several quarantine pests in Ukraine in 2014 2014-04
2014/042 Update on the pest risk assessments on invasive alien plants in Great Britain 2014-02
2014/041 Plants regulated as quarantine pests in Belarus 2014-02
2013/255 4th International Symposium on Weeds and Invasive Plants, Montpellier, 2014-05-18/23 2013-11
2013/252 Impacts of invasive alien plants in Mediterranean habitats 2013-11
2013/251 The German lists of invasive alien plants 2013-11
2013/250 A new Estonian regulation on alien species 2013-11
2013/208 Outcomes of the IUCN conference ‘Invasive alien species: the urban dimension’, Geneva (CH), 2013-09-05 2013-09
2013/204 First report of Ophraella communa in Italy on Ambrosia artemisiifolia 2013-09
2013/160 A handbook on the distribution of invasive alien plants in Slovenia 2013-07
2013/159 A book on invasive alien plants and economically damaging plants in Northern Serbia 2013-07
2013/132 Recent activities on invasive alien plants in Austria 2013-06
2013/117 EPPO Training course on the EPPO Prioritization process for invasive alien plants, Paris, EPPO Headquarters (2013-03-12/14) 2013-05
2013/116 SMARTER: a new EU project for the sustainable management of Ambrosia artemisiifolia in Europe 2013-05
2013/089 Invasive alien plants in Finland 2013-04
2013/074 Top 20 environmental weeds for classical biological control in Europe 2013-03
2013/020 The European Environment Agency new publication on the impacts of invasive alien species in Europe 2013-01
2013/019 Dispersal of seeds by vehicles 2013-01
2012/248 The alien and invasive flora of Greece 2012-11
2012/225 Invasive alien plants in managed woodlands in Vojvodina, Serbia 2012-10
2012/224 Distribution of some invasive plants in Vojvodina, Serbia 2012-10
2012/177 Invasive alien plants in forest nurseries in Serbia 2012-08
2012/136 New EPPO lists of invasive alien plants 2012-06
2012/086 French survey on how invasive alien plants are perceived by municipalities and landscape professionals 2012-04
2012/043 New legislation on invasive alien species including plants in Spain 2012-02
2012/019 Effect of Ambrosia artemisiifolia invasion on public health and agricultural production in Hungary 2012-01
2011/234 2nd International Ragweed Conference, Lyon (FR), 2012-03-28/29 2011-10
2011/126 Two new research projects on Ambrosia artemisiifolia in the European Union 2011-05
2011/123 A new Ordinance on invasive alien plants in Switzerland 2011-05
2011/093 Guidelines for the management of Ambrosia artemisiifolia from the EUPHRESCO project 2011-04
2011/067 Comparison of invasive alien species in Japan and South-Eastern Australia 2011-03
2011/066 Pest risk analysis on invasive alien plants in the United Kingdom 2011-03
2011/065 Status and trends in the alien flora of Corse (FR) 2011-03
2011/045 The Black book of invasive alien plants in Central Russia 2011-02
2011/020 A new publication on the exotic flora of Lombardia (Italy) 2011-01
2010/224 The EPPO prioritization process for invasive alien plants 2010-11
2010/196 Raising public awareness on Ambrosia in the Netherlands 2010-10
2010/172 Recommendations from the interactive workshop for invasive alien species in EU countries (Budapest (HU), 2009-10-06/08) 2010-09
2010/171 The European Food Safety Authority’s opinion on bird seed contaminated with Ambrosia artemisiifolia 2010-09
2010/170 Creation of the Ragweed Society to foster cooperation on Ambrosia artemisiifolia 2010-09
2010/169 An interdisciplinary group on Ambrosia artemisiifolia for German-speaking countries 2010-09
2010/166 Emerging invasive alien plants for the Mediterranean Basin 2010-09
2010/069 Risks of introduction of alien plant species via seeds imported for fodder and birdseed 2010-03
2010/021 New records of alien and invasive plants in Georgia 2010-01
2009/205 An identification guide to the main invasive aquatic plants in the South of France 2009-10
2009/204 Inventory of the non-native flora of Italy 2009-10
2009/149 Lists of invasive alien plants in Russia 2009-07
2009/148 New data on alien plants in Italy 2009-07
2009/147 “Plant invasion in Italy, an overview”: a new publication 2009-07
2009/124 The most important invasive alien plants in Hungary 2009-06
2008/208 New regulations on invasive alien plants in Switzerland 2008-10
2008/149 Prioritized lists of invasive alien plants for Franche-Comté (France) 2008-07
2008/114 First International conference on Ambrosia artemisiifolia, Budapest (HU), 2008-09-11/13 2008-05
2008/088 Invasive alien plants in Belgium 2008-04
2008/064 Invasive alien plants in China 2008-03
2007/207 Worst invasive alien species threatening biodiversity in Europe 2007-10
2007/186 Feasibility of biological control of Ambrosia artemisiifolia in Europe 2007-09
2007/184 Noxious weeds in set-aside areas: results of a nationwide network in Switzerland 2007-09
2007/123 Pathway analysis: alien plants introduced through the bird seed pathway 2007-06
2007/083 Participation of the nursery industry in controlling invasive alien plants: a booklet of substitute plants for southern France 2007-04
2006/217 Invasive species in the flora of the Upper Volga Basin 2006-10
2006/216 Invasive alien plants in Romania 2006-10
2006/194 Invasive alien plants in Croatia 2006-09
2006/193 Seed demography of Ambrosia artemisiifolia 2006-09
2006/192 Ambrosia artemisiifolia in European countries: impacts and management options 2006-09
2006/135 Catalogue of alien plants in the Czech Republic 2006-06
2006/111 Behaviour of glufosinate and glyphosate in Ambrosia artemisiifolia 2006-05
2006/091 Survey on weeds in arable crops in France 2006-04
2006/021 New records of invasive plants in the county of Šibenik and Knin (Croatia) 2006-01
2002/162 Epidemic of Plasmopara halstedii on Ambrosia artemiisifolia in Hungary 2002-10
2000/048 Deletions from the EPPO Alert List 2000-03
2000/002 Weeds as potential quarantine pests 2000-01
1996/126 Geographical distribution of Russian A2 quarantine pests in Russia: pathogens and weeds 1996-07