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EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 2010 Num. article: 2010/170

Creation of the Ragweed Society to foster cooperation on Ambrosia artemisiifolia

A series of conferences was organized in 2008 on Ambrosia artemisiifolia: the first International Ragweed Conference was organized on 2008-09-10/13 in Budapest (HU), the second one was held in Osijek (HR) on 2008-09-14/18, then followed by an international meeting in Aix les Bains (FR) on 2008-11-21. These conferences triggered the foundation of the ‘Ragweed Society’ in October 2009. The objectives of the Ragweed Society are to promote communication among people concerned by A. artemisifolia, to raise public awareness, and to conduct common research projects. The first committee meeting of the Ragweed Society was held in Nyon (CH) on 2009-10-02 and gathered about 40 participants. A website is dedicated to the activities of the Ragweed Society: http://www.internationalragweedsociety.org/


EPPO Secretariat, 2010-09.