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EPPO Reporting Service no. 10 - 2012 Num. article: 2012/224

Distribution of some invasive plants in Vojvodina, Serbia

A mapping project of invasive plants has been conducted in 2011 on the territory of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in Serbia, considering both the abundance and coverage of some plants. The following species were monitored: Amaranthus retroflexus (Amaranthaceae), Ambrosia artemisiifolia (Asteraceae, EPPO List of IAP), Arctium lappa (Asteraceae, native in Europe), Artemisia vulgaris (Asteraceae, native in Europe), Asclepias syriaca (Apocynaceae), Carduus acanthoides (Asteraceae, native in Europe), Chenopodium album (Amaranthaceae, native in Europe), Conyza canadensis (Asteraceae), Cuscuta campestris (Convolvulaceae), Iva xanthifolia (Asteraceae), Rubus caesius (Rosaceae, native in Europe), Rumex crispus (Amaranthaceae, native in Europe), Sorghum halepense (Poaceae) and Urtica dioica (Urticaceae, native in Europe).


Konstantinović B, Meseldžija M, Samardžič N ; Konstantinović B (2012) Distribution of invasive weeds on the territory of AP Vojvodina. In Marisavljević D, Ivanović Ž, Miltrović M ; Oro V (Eds) (2012) International Symposium on Current Trends in Plant Protection, 25-28th September, 2012, Belgrade, Serbia. Proceedings. Institute for Plant Protection and Environment, Belgrade, Serbia, p, 44-48.