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EPPO Standards on plant protection products

PP2 - Good Plant Protection Practice

Number Title Download
PP2/001(2) Principles of good plant protection practice
PP2/002(2) Potato
PP2/003(2) Glasshouse lettuce
PP2/004(2) Allium crops
PP2/005(1) Rodent control for crop protection and on farms
PP2/006(1) Hop
PP2/007(1) Vegetable brassicas
PP2/008(1) Rape
PP2/009(1) Strawberry
PP2/010(1) Wheat
PP2/011(1) Barley
PP2/012(1) Beet
PP2/013(1) Ornamentals under protected cultivation
PP2/014(1) Pea
PP2/015(1) Tobacco
PP2/016(1) Farm grassland
PP2/017(1) Maize
PP2/018(1) Pome fruits
PP2/019(1) Rye
PP2/020(1) Mushrooms
PP2/021(1) Sunflower
PP2/022(1) Umbelliferous crops
PP2/023(1) Grapevine
PP2/024(1) Oat
PP2/025(1) Leguminous forage crops
PP2/026(1) Ribes and Rubus crops
PP2/027(1) Citrus + erratum
PP2/028(1) Cotton
PP2/029(1) Solanaceous crops under protected cultivation
PP2/030(1) Outdoor solanaceous crops
PP2/031(1) Cucurbits under protected cultivation
PP2/032(1) Outdoor cucurbits
PP2/033(1) Stone fruits