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EPPO Standards on phytosanitary measures

PM5 - Pest Risk Analysis

Number Title Download
PM5/000(1) Introduction
PM5/001(1) Check-list of information required for pest risk analysis (PRA)
PM5/002(2) Pest risk analysis on detection of a pest in an imported consignment
PM5/003(5) Decision-support scheme for quarantine pests (version 2011)
PM5/004(1) Pest Risk Management Scheme
PM5/005(1) Decision-Support Scheme for an Express Pest Risk Analysis (consolidated version of 2022 including the guidance document)
PM5/006(1) EPPO prioritization process for invasive alien plants
PM5/007(1) Screening process to identify priorities for commodity PRA for plants for planting
PM5/008(1) Guidelines on the phytosanitary measure ‘Plants grown under physical isolation’ + corrigendum
PM5/009(1) Preparation of pest lists in the framework of commodity PRAs
PM5/010(1) Guidelines on the design and implementation of a buffer zone