EPPO Global Database

Impatiens parviflora(IPAPA)

Reporting Service articles

Num. Title year-month
2022/023 Invasive plants in Belarus 2022-01
2021/165 Alien flora in a boreal region of European Russia 2021-07
2019/217 Seed bank dynamics of Impatiens 2019-10
2019/198 A hybrid of alien Impatiens in the natural environment in the EPPO region 2019-09
2018/063 Invasive alien plants in Russia 2018-03
2014/138 United States weed risk assessments are available 2014-07
2014/079 Q-bank database on invasive alien plants 2014-04
2014/060 Invasive alien species in Norway 2014-03
2013/251 The German lists of invasive alien plants 2013-11
2013/160 A handbook on the distribution of invasive alien plants in Slovenia 2013-07
2013/131 A new regulation on invasive alien plants in Wallonie (Belgium) 2013-06
2013/089 Invasive alien plants in Finland 2013-04
2012/198 Recognition and management guides for invasive alien plants in Belgium 2012-09
2011/147 Estonia: national initiatives on Code of conduct 2011-06
2011/045 The Black book of invasive alien plants in Central Russia 2011-02
2011/020 A new publication on the exotic flora of Lombardia (Italy) 2011-01
2009/204 Inventory of the non-native flora of Italy 2009-10
2008/149 Prioritized lists of invasive alien plants for Franche-Comté (France) 2008-07
2008/088 Invasive alien plants in Belgium 2008-04
2007/064 Database of alien plants in Ireland 2007-03
2006/223 Impact of nine invasive alien plant species on soil properties in Belgium 2006-10
2006/217 Invasive species in the flora of the Upper Volga Basin 2006-10
2006/216 Invasive alien plants in Romania 2006-10
2006/194 Invasive alien plants in Croatia 2006-09