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Parthenium hysterophorus(PTNHY)

Reporting Service articles

Num. Title year-month
2023/120 Prioritization of invasive alien plants for biological control 2023-05
2022/178 Update of the list of invasive alien species of Union concern (European Union) 2022-08
2020/257 Alien plants with potential impacts in Cyprus 2020-11
2019/174 Update of the list of invasive alien species of Union concern (European Union) 2019-08
2019/024 Interception of invasive alien plants as contaminants in potted plants from China 2019-01
2016/139 European Union adopt list of invasive species of Union concern 2016-07
2016/090 Host range testing casts doubt on the suitability of Epiblema strenuana as a biological control agent for Parthenium hysterophorus in Africa 2016-04
2015/140 Yield losses in maize due to parthenium weed 2015-07
2015/085 Status and management of Parthenium hysterophorus in Nepal 2015-04
2015/061 First reports of Parthenium hysterophorus and Bidens pilosa in the United Arab Emirates 2015-03
2014/223 Invasive alien plants in China 2014-11
2014/219 Preventing Parthenium hysterophorus from entering and spreading in the EPPO region 2014-11
2014/172 New additions to the EPPO A2 List, List of Invasive Alien Plants and Observation List of Invasive Alien Plants 2014-09
2014/158 New additions to the EPPO A1 and A2 Lists 2014-09
2014/156 The release of Zygogramma bicolorata in Ethiopia to fight Parthenium hysterophorus 2014-08
2014/096 The response of Parthenium hysterophorus and of its biological control agent Epiblema strenuana under a changing climate 2014-05
2014/057 Designing invasive alien plants’ containment strategies 2014-03
2014/038 First report of Parthenium hysterophorus in Malaysia 2014-02
2013/183 EPPO Expert Working Group for performing a PRA on Parthenium hysterophorus 2013-08
2013/044 Invasive alien plants in Israel 2013-02
2013/023 Convention on Biological Diversity booklets on invasive alien species 2013-01
2013/018 Current and potential distribution of Parthenium hysterophorus 2013-01
2012/176 Distribution of Parthenium hysterophorus in the Peshawar Valley in Pakistan 2012-08
2012/136 New EPPO lists of invasive alien plants 2012-06
2011/068 Parthenium hysterophorus in the EPPO region: addition to the EPPO Alert List 2011-03
2010/092 Risk analysis of potential invasive plants in Spain 2010-04
2008/130 Ornamental plants as invasive aliens in Kruger National Park, South Africa 2008-06
2007/182 Weeds of national significance in Australia 2007-09