EPPO Global Database

Arundo donax(ABKDO)

Reporting Service articles

Num. Title year-month
2021/117 Frequently occurring alien plants in Sicily 2021-05
2020/109 Impacts of Arundo donax in southern California (USA) 2020-05
2018/231 Alien plants in Mediterranean wetlands 2018-11
2016/043 Impacts of Arundo donax on riparian habitats and ground dwelling arthropods 2016-02
2014/138 United States weed risk assessments are available 2014-07
2013/135 Recent activities on invasive alien plants in Spain 2013-06
2013/133 Recent activities on invasive alien plants in Portugal 2013-06
2013/112 Major invasive alien plants in Malta 2013-05
2012/248 The alien and invasive flora of Greece 2012-11
2012/132 Some biofuel crops used in Hungary 2012-06
2012/043 New legislation on invasive alien species including plants in Spain 2012-02
2010/227 Invasive species, climate change and ecosystem-based adaptation 2010-11
2010/225 Ecosystem services and invasive alien plants 2010-11
2010/195 Eichhornia crassipes plant community in the Nile Delta (Egypt) 2010-10
2010/045 The perception of Spanish land managers of invasive alien plants 2010-02
2009/223 A new legislation on invasive alien plants in the Comunidad Valenciana (ES) 2009-11
2009/204 Inventory of the non-native flora of Italy 2009-10
2009/165 Pest Risk Analyses for French overseas departments 2009-08
2009/102 Assessing biofuel crop invasiveness in Hawaii (US) 2009-05
2008/130 Ornamental plants as invasive aliens in Kruger National Park, South Africa 2008-06
2006/115 Non-indigenous flora of the Azores Archipelago (PT) 2006-05