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Arundo donax(ABKDO)

Code created in: 2002-04-10

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ABKDO
  • Preferred name: Arundo donax
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Central Asia, Western Asia,  Himalayas, India, Bangladesh, Indochina, China, Japan. A plant of very ancient cultivation for its canes used as building material, especially in the Mediterranean area. In more recent times, introduced in Sri Lanka, Malesia (except Borneo, Sulawesi), Korea, southern and eastern Africa, Madagascar,  USA (southern), Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America (except northern Brazil and southern cone), New Guinea, Australia (except Victoria, Tasmania), New Zealand 

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Common names
Name Language
bamboo reed English (US)
giant reed English
gewöhnliches Pfahlrohr German
italienisches Pfahlrohr German
Pfahlrohr German
Pfeilrohr German
Riesenpfahlrohr German
Riesenschilf German
spanisches Rohr German
arondo donax French
canne de Provence French
cannevelle French
grand roseau French
quenouille French
roseau à quenouilles French
roseau canne French
roseau de Fréjus French
roseau des jardins French
roseau donax French
caña Spanish
caña común Spanish
caña de Castilla Spanish (AR)
caña gigante Spanish
caña india Spanish (CU)
cañaveral Spanish (CL)
cañizo Spanish
carizo Spanish (BO)
canna Italian
canna commune Italian
canna domestica Italian
canna gargana Italian
canna gentile Italian
pijlriet Dutch
zaairiet Dutch
cana Portuguese
cana-comum Portuguese
cana-de-roca Portuguese
canamilha Portuguese
canas Portuguese
cana-vieira Portuguese
caninha Portuguese
cano-do-reino Portuguese
danchiku Japanese
yoshitake Japanese
ダンチク Japanese
ヨシタケ Japanese
арундо тростниковый Russian
тростник гигантский Russian
kargı Turkish
avkaneh shachiach Hebrew
עַבְקָנֶה שָׁכִיחַ Hebrew
lasecznica trzcinowata Polish
kallami Albanian
kanabera Basque
италианска тръстика Bulgarian
canya Catalan
canya comuna Catalan
lú zhú Chinese
芦竹 Chinese
obični trst Croatian
καλάμι Greek
물대 Korean
mul dae Korean
canavèra Occitan
cannabère Occitan
trestie italiană Romanian
италијанска трска Serbian
trsť obrovská Slovak
navadna kanela Slovene