EPPO Global Database

Rosa sp.(ROSSS)


Organism Type
Adoretus sinicus (as Rosa) (ADORSI) Host
Aleurocanthus spiniferus (as Rosa) (ALECSN) Host
* Nugnes F, Laudonia S, Jesu G, Jansen MGM, Bernardo U, Porcelli F (2020) Aleurocanthus spiniferus (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) in some European countries: diffusion, hosts, molecular characterization, and natural enemies. Insects 11(1), 42. https://doi.org/10.3390/insects11010042
------- Confirmed host.
Aleurocanthus woglumi (as Rosa) (ALECWO) Host
Anoplophora chinensis (as Rosa) (ANOLCN) Host
* Lim J, Jung S-Y, Lim J-S, Jang J, Kim K-M, Lee Y-M, Lee B-W (2014) A review of host plants of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera: Chrysomeloidea) with new host records for fourteen Cerambycids, including the Asian longhorn beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis Motschulsky), in Korea. Korean Journal of Applied Entomology 53(2), 111-133.

* Sjöman H, Östberg J & Nilsson J (2014) Review of host trees for the wood-boring pests Anoplophora glabripennis and Anoplophora chinensis: an urban forest perspective. Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 40(3), 143–164.
Anthonomus quadrigibbus (as Rosa) (TACYQU) Host
Anthonomus signatus (as Rosa) (ANTHSI) Host
Aonidiella citrina (as Rosa) (AONDCI) Host
Apple mosaic virus (as Rosa) (APMV00) Host
Cacoecimorpha pronubana (as Rosa) (TORTPR) Host
Comstockaspis perniciosa (as Rosa) (QUADPE) Host
Coniothyrium wernsdorffiae (as Rosa) (CONIWE) Host
Diabrotica undecimpunctata undecimpunctata (DIABUN) Host
* Clark SM, LeDoux DG, Seeno TN, Riley EG, Gilbert AJ, Sullivan JM (2004) Host plants of leaf beetle species occurring in the United States and Canada (Coleoptera: Megalopodidae, Orsodacnidae, Chrysomelidae, excluding Bruchinae). Coleopterists Society, Special Publication 2, 1-476.
-------- Adult host.
Eotetranychus lewisi (EOTELE) Host
* Estebanes-Gonzalez ML, Baker EW (1968) Arañas rojas de Mexico (Acarina: Tetranychidae). Anales de la Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biologicas, 15: 61-133.
Epichoristodes acerbella (as Rosa) (EPIOIO) Host
Epiphyas postvittana (as Rosa) (TORTPO) Host
Erwinia amylovora (as Rosa) (ERWIAM) Host
* Bastas KK, Sahin F, Atasagun R (2013) First report of fire blight caused by Erwinia amylovora on rosehip (Rosa canina) in Turkey. Plant Disease 97(12) p 1652. 

* Vanneste JL, Vermeulen M, Lex S, Berger F (2002) Isolation of Erwinia amylovora from blighted plums (Prunus domestica) and potato roses (Rosa rugosa). Acta Horticulturae 590, 89-94.
Exomala orientalis (as Rosa) (ANMLOR) Host
* Smitha R, Rajendran P, Sandhya PT, Aparna VS, Rajees PC (2017) Insect pest complex of rose at Regional Agricultural Research Station, Ambalavayal, Wayanad. Acta Horticulturae 1165, 39-44. ISHS 2017. DOI 10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1165.6
------- confirmed host (pest of rose in Wayanad, Kerala)
Frankliniella occidentalis (as Rosa) (FRANOC) Host
Grapholita packardi (as Rosa) (LASPPA) Host
Grapholita prunivora (as Rosa) (LASPPR) Host
Homalodisca vitripennis (HOMLTR) Host
* Hoddle MS, Triapitsyn SV, Morgan DJW (2003) Distribution and plant association records for Homalodisca coagulata (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) in Florida. Florida Entomologist 86(1), 89-91.
Iris yellow spot virus (as Rosa) (IYSV00) Host
Lopholeucaspis japonica (as Rosa) (LOPLJA) Host
Luperomorpha xanthodera (as Rosa) (LUPMXA) Host
Lycorma delicatula (as Rosa) (LYCMDE) Host
Malacosoma americanum (as Rosa) (MALAAM) Host
Malacosoma parallela (as Rosa) (MALAPA) Host
Meloidogyne enterolobii (MELGMY) Host
* EPPO (2010) Pest risk assessment for Meloidogyne enterolobii. EPPO, Paris. Available at https://gd.eppo.int/taxon/MELGMY/documents
------- reported as "findings of the NPPO of the Netherlands"
Meloidogyne luci (as Rosa) (MELGLC) Host
Meloidogyne mali (as Rosa) (MELGMA) Host
* Itoh Y, Ohshima Y, Ichinohe M (1969) A root–knot nematode, Meloidogyne mali n. sp. on apple–tree from Japan (Tylenchida: Heteroderidae). Applied Entomology and Zoology 4: 194-202
Oemona hirta (as Rosa) (OEMOHI) Host
Oligonychus perseae (as Rosa) (OLIGPA) Host
Orgyia leucostigma (as Rosa) (HEMELE) Host
* Robinson GS, Ackery PR, Kitching IJ, Beccaloni GW, Hernández LM (2010) HOSTS - A Database of the World's Lepidopteran Hostplants. Natural History Museum, London. http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosts.
Phyllocoptes fructiphilus (as Rosa) (PHYCFR) Host
Epstein A, Hill J (1999) Status of rose rosette disease as a biological control for multiflora rose. Plant disease 83, 92-101.
Phymatotrichopsis omnivora (as Rosa) (PHMPOM) Host
Phytophthora hibernalis (PHYTHI) Host
Phytophthora ramorum (as Rosa) (PHYTRA) Host
* Cave GL, Randall-Schadel B & Redlin SC (2008) Risk analysis for Phytophthora ramorum Werres, de Cock & Man in’t Veld, causal agent of sudden oak death, ramorum leaf blight, and ramorum dieback. US Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Raleigh, NC.
Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum (as Rosa) (RALSPS) Host
* Bergma-Vlami M, van de Bilt JLJ, Tjou-Tam-Sin NNA, Westenberg M, Meekes ETM, Teunissen HAS, Van Vaerenbergh J (2018) Phylogenetic assignment of Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum (Ralstonia solanacearum phylotype I) isolated from Rosa spp. Plant Disease 102(11), 2258-2267.
------- On glasshouse roses in the Netherlands.
Reptalus panzeri (as Rosa) (REPTPA) Host
Rhizobium rhizogenes (as Rosa) (AGRBRH) Host
Ricania speculum (as Rosa) (RICASC) Host
Rose rosette emaravirus (as Rosa) (RRV000) Host
Rose wilt agent (as Rosa) (ROW000) Host
Scirtothrips citri (as Rosa) (SCITCI) Host
Scirtothrips dorsalis (SCITDO) Host
* Ravelo EE, Vaca JU, Arévalo EP, Delgado L, Díaz MF, Piñeros L, Castro AP, Brochero H, Goldarazena A (2018) Presence and distribution of Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in Colombia. Journal of Insect Science 18, 7. https://doi.org/10.1093/jisesa/iey092

* Gahukar RT(2003) Factors influencing thrips abundance and distribution on rose flowers in central India. Journal of Entomological Research 27(4), 271-279.
Scirtothrips dorsalis (as Rosa) (SCITDO) Host
Spodoptera frugiperda (LAPHFR) Host
* Montezano DG, Specht A, Sosa-Gómez DR, Roque-Specht VF, Sousa-Silva JC, Paula-Moraes SV, Peterson JA, Hunt T (2018) Host plants of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in the Americas. African Entomology 26, 286-300.
Spodoptera litura (PRODLI) Host
* Smitha R, Rajendran P, Sandhya PT, Aparna VS, Rajees PC (2017) Insect pest complex of rose at Regional Agricultural Research Station, Ambalavayal, Wayanad. Acta Horticulturae 1165, 39-44. ISHS 2017. DOI: https://doi.org/10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1165.6
------ defoliate the plant
Spodoptera ornithogalli (as Rosa) (PRODOR) Host
* Brito R, Specht A, Gonçalves GL, Moreira GRP, Carneiro E, Santos FL, Roque-Specht VF, Mielke OHH, Casagrande MM (2019) Spodoptera marima: a new synonym of Spodoptera ornithogalli (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), with notes on adult morphology, host plant use and genetic variation along its geographic range. Neotropical Entomology 48(3), 433-448.

* Heppner JB (2007) Lepidoptera of Florida. Part 1. Introduction and catalog. Gainesville, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, p 670.

* Robinson GS, Ackery PR, Kitching IJ, Beccaloni GW, Hernández LM (2010) HOSTS - A Database of the World's Lepidopteran Hostplants. Natural History Museum, London. http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosts

* Wolcott GN (1948) The insects of Puerto Rico. Journal of Agriculture of the University of  Puerto Rico 32, 417–748.
Strawberry latent ringspot virus (as Rosa) (SLRSV0) Host
Tetranychus evansi (TETREV) Host
* Oatman ER, Fleschner CA, McMurtry JA (1967) New, highly destructive spider mite present in Southern California. Journal of Economic Entomology, 60: 477-480.

* Qureshi SA, Oatman ER, Fleschner CA (1969) Biology of the spider mite, Tetranychus evansi. Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 62: 898-903.
Tetranychus mexicanus (as Rosa) (TETRME) Host
* Flechtmann CHW (1967) Contribution to knowledge of the mites of plants of some regions of the State of Sao Paulo (as a systematic survey including new species). Piracicaba, Brasil: 47.
Thaumatotibia leucotreta (as Rosa) (ARGPLE) Host
Thrips hawaiiensis (as Rosa) (THRIHA) Host
Thrips imaginis (as Rosa) (THRIIM) Host
Tomato ringspot virus (as Rosa) (TORSV0) Host
Wahlgreniella nervata (as Rosa) (AMPHNE) Host
Aleurothrixus trachoides (ALTRTR) Major host
Platynota stultana (as Rosa) (PLAAST) Major host
Popillia japonica (as Rosa) (POPIJA) Major host
* Fleming WE (1972) Biology of the Japanese beetle. Technical Bulletin, Agricultural Research Service, USDA no 1449, 129 pp.
Anthonomus bisignifer (as Rosa) (ANTHBI) Wild/Weed