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Chondrostereum purpureum(STERPU)

Code created in: 2002-03-30

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Chondrostereum purpureum
  • Authority: (Persoon) Pouzar

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Stereum purpureum Persoon
Thelephora purpurea (Persoon) Persoon

Common names
Name Language
papery bark disease of apple English
silver blight of stonefruit English
silverleaf fungus English
silver leaf of plum English
Bleiglanz: Obstgehölze German
Milchglanz: Obstgehölze German
Silberglanz: Obstgehölze German
violetter Knorpelschichtpilz German
violetter Schichtpilz German
chondrostéréum pourpré French
plomb des arbres fruitiers French
plomb parasitaire French
stéréum pourpré French
mal del plomo de los frutales Spanish
стереум пурпурно-фиолетовый Russian
стереум пурпурный Russian
хондростереум пурпурный Russian
slyvų sidabraligė Lithuanian