EPPO Global Database

Tomato ringspot virus(TORSV0)

Code created in: 2001-02-04

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: TORSV0
  • Preferred name: Tomato ringspot virus

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Blackberry (Himalaya) mosaic virus
Grapevine yellow vein virus
Nicotiana virus 13
Peach yellow bud mosaic virus
Tomato ringspot nepovirus
Winter peach mosaic virus

Common names
Name Language
chlorosis mosaic of raspberry English
chlorosis of pelargonium English
crumbly fruit of raspberry English
decline of raspberry English
eola rasp leaf of cherry English
ringspot of tomato English
stem pitting of prunus English
stub head of gladiolus English
stunt of gladiolus English
union necrosis of apple English
yellow blotch curl of raspberry English
yellow bud mosaic of peach English
yellow vein of grapevine English
vírus dos anéis do tomateiro Portuguese (PT)
Неповирус кольцевой пятнистости томата Russian