EPPO Global Database

Nepovirus nicotianae(TRSV00)

Code created in: 2002-11-26

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: TRSV00
  • Preferred name: Nepovirus nicotianae

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Nicotiana virus 12
Tobacco ringspot nepovirus
Tobacco ringspot virus

Common names
Name Language
bud blight of soybean English
necrosis of anemone English
necrotic ring spot of blueberry English
pemberton disease of blueberry English
ring spot of soybean English
ring spot of tobacco English
Ringfleckenvirus: Soja German
Ringfleckenvirus: Tabak German
virus des taches en anneaux du tabac French
virus de la mancha anular del tabaco Spanish
maculatura anulare del tabaco Italian
tabak-ringspotziekte Dutch
vírus dos anéis do tabaco Portuguese (PT)
вирус кольцевой пятнистости табака Russian
Неповирус кольцевой пятнистости табака Russian