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Asclepias syriaca(ASCSY)

Reporting Service articles

Num. Title year-month
2022/250 Invasive alien plants in Romania 2022-11
2022/178 Update of the list of invasive alien species of Union concern (European Union) 2022-08
2022/074 Invasive alien plants along waterways in Serbia 2022-03
2022/024 Invasive plants in Romania 2022-01
2022/023 Invasive plants in Belarus 2022-01
2021/073 Asclepias syriaca in Lithuania 2021-03
2021/047 Updated list of non-native ornamental plants in Romania 2021-02
2020/233 Control of Asclepias syriaca 2020-10
2020/231 Escaped ornamental plants on Lucavsala Island, Latvia 2020-10
2019/150 Invasive alien plants of Union concern (Regulation 1143/2014) in Croatia 2019-07
2019/109 Asclepias speciosa in Lithuania 2019-05
2019/064 Roads support the spread of invasive Asclepias syriaca in Austria 2019-03
2018/185 Allelopathic effects of three invasive alien plants on oilseed rape 2018-09
2016/124 Invasion of Asclepias syriaca in grasslands in Hungary 2016-06
2015/139 Invasive alien plants in Transylvania (RO) 2015-07
2014/176 Update of the Black List and Watch List of invasive alien plants in Switzerland 2014-09
2013/251 The German lists of invasive alien plants 2013-11
2013/231 EPPO Training course on the EPPO prioritization process for invasive alien plants for the Balkan countries 2013-10
2013/160 A handbook on the distribution of invasive alien plants in Slovenia 2013-07
2013/159 A book on invasive alien plants and economically damaging plants in Northern Serbia 2013-07
2012/225 Invasive alien plants in managed woodlands in Vojvodina, Serbia 2012-10
2012/224 Distribution of some invasive plants in Vojvodina, Serbia 2012-10
2008/149 Prioritized lists of invasive alien plants for Franche-Comté (France) 2008-07
2007/225 Weeds of the future: garden plants which may threaten grasslands in Australia 2007-11