EPPO Global Database

Rubus idaeus(RUBID)


Organism Type
Acleris nishidai (as Rubus) (ACLRNI) Host
* Brown JW, Nishida K (2008) A new species of Acleris Hübner, [1825] from high elevations of Costa Rica (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae, Tortricini). SHILAP Revista de Lepidopterología 36(143), 341-348.
Adoxophyes orana (CAPURE) Host
Anastrepha suspensa (ANSTSU) Host
* Meyer WL, Knight R Jr (1998) A new host record for the Caribbean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae). Florida Entomologist 81, 235-237.
Anoplophora chinensis (as Rubus) (ANOLCN) Host
* Sjöman H, Östberg J & Nilsson J (2014) Review of host trees for the wood-boring pests Anoplophora glabripennis and Anoplophora chinensis: an urban forest perspective. Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 40(3), 143–164.
Anthonomus bisignifer (as Rubus) (ANTHBI) Host
Anthonomus signatus (ANTHSI) Host
Anthonomus signatus (as Rubus) (ANTHSI) Host
Apple mosaic virus (as Rubus) (APMV00) Host
Apriona germari (as Rubus) (APRIGE) Host
* Lim J, Jung S-Y, Lim J-S, Jang J, Kim K-M, Lee Y-M, Lee B-W (2014) A review of host plants of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera: Chrysomeloidea) with new host records for fourteen Cerambycids, including the Asian longhorn beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis Motschulsky), in Korea. Korean Journal of Applied Entomology 53(2), 111-133.
Arabis mosaic virus (ARMV00) Host
Arabis mosaic virus (as Rubus) (ARMV00) Host
'Candidatus Phytoplasma rubi' (as Rubus) (PHYPRU) Host
Ceratitis capitata (CERTCA) Host
* Putruele MTG (1996) Hosts for Ceratitis capitata and Anastrepha fraterculus in the northeastern province of Entre Ríos, Argentina, pp. 343-345. In B. A. McPheron and G. J. Steck (eds.), Fruit Fly Pests: A World Assessment of Their Biology and Management. St. Lucie Press, Delray Beach, FL.
Ceratitis quilicii (as Rubus) (CERTQI) Host
* De Meyer M, Mwatawala M, Copeland RS, Virgilio M (2016) Description of new Ceratitis species (Diptera: Tephritidae) from Africa, or how morphological and DNA data are complementary in discovering unknown species and matching sexes. European Journal of Taxonomy 233, 1-23. 
------- Confirmed host.
Cherry leaf roll virus (CLRV00) Host
Cherry leaf roll virus (as Rubus) (CLRV00) Host
Cherry rasp leaf virus (CRLV00) Host
* Jones AT, Mayo MA, Henderson SJ (1985) Biological and biochemical properties of an isolate of cherry rasp leaf virus from red raspberry. Annals of Applied Biology 106, 101-110.

* Stace-Smith R; Ramsdell DC (1987) Nepoviruses of the Americas. In: Harris KF (ed.) Current Topics in Vector Research, Vol. 3. New York, USA: Springer-Verlag, 131-166.
Choristoneura rosaceana (CHONRO) Host
* Chapman PJ, Lienk SE (1971) Tortricid fauna of apple in New York (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae); including an account of apple's occurrence in the state, especially as a naturalized plant. Special Publication Geneva, NY, New York Agricultural Experiment Station, 122 pp.
Comstockaspis perniciosa (as Rubus) (QUADPE) Host
Diabrotica virgifera zeae (as Rubus) (DIABVZ) Host
* Clark SM, LeDoux DG, Seeno TN, Riley EG, Gilbert AJ, Sullivan JM (2004) Host plants of leaf beetle species occurring in the United States and Canada (Coleoptera: Megalopodidae, Orsodacnidae, Chrysomelidae, excluding Bruchinae). Coleopterists Society, Special Publication 2, 615 pp.
------- Adult host.
Eotetranychus lewisi (EOTELE) Host
* Dara S (2011) Lewis mite: a potential pest of strawberries and raspberries. Production and pest management practices for strawberries and vegetables. Division of agricultural and natural resources, University of California,USA. Available online: ucanr.edu/blogs/blogcore/postdetail.cfm?postnum=4380
Epiphyas postvittana (TORTPO) Host
Erwinia amylovora (ERWIAM) Host
* Braun PG, Hildebrand PD (2006) Epidemiology of fire blight of floricane fruiting red raspberry caused by Erwinia amylovora. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 28, 1, 95-99. 

* Giorgi S, Scortichini M (2005) Molecular characterization of Erwinia amylovora strains from different host plants through RFLP analysis and sequencing of hrpN and dspA/E genes. Plant Pathology 54, 789-798.

* Ries SM (1991) Fire blight. In: Compendium of Raspberry and Blackberry Diseases and Insects, Ellis M, Converse RH, Williams RN, Williamson B (eds), APS Press, St Paul, Minnesota, USA, 40-41.

* Van der Zwet, Keil HL (1979) Fire blight: a bacterial disease of rosaceous Plants. USDA Handbook no. 510. USDA, Washington (US), 200 p.
Halyomorpha halys (HALYHA) Host
Idaeovirus rubi (as Rubus) (RBDV00) Host
Impatiens necrotic spot virus (as Rubus) (INSV00) Host
* Coneva E, Murphy JF, Boozer R, Velasquez N (2009) Viruses identified in blackberries grown in Alabama. Phytopathology 99(6 suppl.), S24.
------- confirmed host.
Meloidogyne mali (MELGMA) Host
* Ahmed M, van de Vossenberg BTLH, Cornelisse C, Karssen G (2013) On the species status of the root–knot nematode Meloidogyne ulmi Palmisano and Ambrogioni, 2000 (Nematoda, Meloidogynidae). ZooKeys 362: 1-27.
------- confirmed host
Monilinia fructigena (as Rubus) (MONIFG) Host
Naupactus xanthographus (NAUPXA) Host
* Cisternas EA (2013) Insectos Y ácaros plaga de importancia económica en frambuesa. Manual de frutilla. 89-101. 
------- about adults and larvae in crops (but treating several weevil species together) 
Phytophthora cryptogea (as Rubus) (PHYTCR) Host
Platynota stultana (PLAAST) Host
* Bolda MP, Joseph S, Daugovish O, Gaskell M, Koike ST, Bettida LJ, Gubler WD (2015) UC IMP Pest Management Guidelines. Cranberries. UC ANR Publication 3437. Oakland, CA. http://ipm.ucanr.edu/PDF/PMG/pmgcaneberries.pdf
Pochazia shantungensis (POCZSH) Host
* Stroiński A, Balderi M, Marraccini D, Mazza G (2022) First records of Pochazia shantungensis (Chou & Lu, 1977) (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Ricaniidae) in Italy. Zootaxa 5188 (3), 275–282, https://doi.org/10.11646/zootaxa.5188.3.4
Raspberry ringspot virus (as Rubus) (RPRSV0) Host
Rhizobium rhizogenes (AGRBRH) Host
Rhodococcus fascians (as Rubus) (CORBFA) Host
Ricania speculum (as Rubus) (RICASC) Host
Scirtothrips aurantii (SCITAU) Host
* NPPO of Spain. EPPO Reporting Service 2021/008. Available at https://gd.eppo.int/reporting/article-6947.
------- detected during official surveys.
Scirtothrips aurantii (as Rubus) (SCITAU) Host
* NPPO of Spain. EPPO Reporting Service 2021/008. Available at https://gd.eppo.int/reporting/article-6947.
------- detected on blaclberry during official surveys.
Scirtothrips dorsalis (SCITDO) Host
* Ortiz JA, Infante F, Rodriguez D, Toledo-Hernandez RA (2020) Discovery of Scirtothrips dorsalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in blueberry fields of Michoacan, Mexico. Florida Entomologist 103(3), 408-410. https://doi.org/10.1653/024.103.0316
Spodoptera ornithogalli (PRODOR) Host
* Brito R, Specht A, Gonçalves GL, Moreira GRP, Carneiro E, Santos FL, Roque-Specht VF, Mielke OHH, Casagrande MM (2019) Spodoptera marima: a new synonym of Spodoptera ornithogalli (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), with notes on adult morphology, host plant use and genetic variation along its geographic range. Neotropical Entomology 48(3), 433-448.

* Capinera JL (2017) Yellowstriped Armyworm, Spodoptera ornithogalli (Guenée) (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida /IFAS Extension, EENY216, 4p. https://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/pdffiles/IN/IN37300.pdf

* Crumb SE (1929) Tobacco cutworms. USDA Technical Bulletin 88, p 179.

* Heppner JB (2007) Lepidoptera of Florida. Part 1. Introduction and catalog. Gainesville, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, p 670.

* Robinson GS, Ackery PR, Kitching IJ, Beccaloni GW, Hernández LM (2010) HOSTS - A Database of the World's Lepidopteran Hostplants. Natural History Museum, London. http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosts

* Tietz HM (1972) An index to the described life histories, early stages and hosts of the Macrolepidoptera of the continental United States and Canada, 536 pp.
Spodoptera praefica (PRODPR) Host
* Robinson GS, Ackery PR, Kitching IJ, Beccaloni GW & Hernández LM (2010) HOSTS - A database of the World's lepidopteran hostplants. Natural History Museum, London. http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosts
Strawberry latent ringspot virus (as Rubus) (SLRSV0) Host
Thrips imaginis (as Rubus) (THRIIM) Host
Thrips palmi (as Rubus) (THRIPL) Host
* Zamora Landa AI, Lemus Soriano BA, Cambero Campos OJ, Pinedo-Escatel JA (2021) Nuevos registros de trips y daños asociados a blueberries y zarzamora en el Estado de Michoacán, México. Southwestern Entomologist 45(4), 1165-1170.
Tobacco streak virus black raspberry latent strain (TSVBL0) Host
Tobacco streak virus black raspberry latent strain (as Rubus) (TSVBL0) Host
Tomato black ring virus (TBRV00) Host
Tomato black ring virus (as Rubus) (TBRV00) Host
Tomato ringspot virus (as Rubus) (TORSV0) Host
Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV00) Host
* Parrella G, Gognalons P, Gebre-Selassie K, Vovlas C, Marchoux G (2003) An update of the host range of tomato spotted wilt virus. Journal of Plant Pathology 85(4), 227-264.
------- Confirmed host.
Trichoferus campestris (HESOCA) Host
* CAPS (2019) Trichoferus campestris. Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey pest datasheets. http://download.ceris.purdue.edu/file/3869
------- Dry wood host.
Zaprionus indianus (ZAPRIN) Host
Apple mosaic virus (APMV00) Major host
Byturus ochraceus (BYTUFU) Major host
Byturus tomentosus (BYTUTO) Major host
Drosophila suzukii (DROSSU) Major host
* Bellamy DE, Sisterson MS, Walse SS (2013) Quantifying host potentials: indexing postharvest fresh fruits for spotted wing drosophila, Drosophila suzukii. PLoS One 8(4), e61227.
Idaeovirus rubi (RBDV00) Major host
Orgyia leucostigma (as Rubus) (HEMELE) Major host
* Belton EM (1988) Lepidoptera on fruit crops in Canada, Simon Fraser University, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Pest Management Program, Burnaby, BC. 105 pp.

* Heppner JB (2003) Lepidoptera of Florida. Part 1. Introduction and catalog. Volume 17 of Arthropods of Florida and neighboring land areas. Division of Plant Industry. Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Gainesville, Florida. 670 pp.

* Robinson GS, Ackery PR, Kitching IJ, Beccaloni GW & Hernández LM (2010) HOST - A database of the world's Lepidopteran hostplants. Natural History Museum, London. https://www.nhm.ac.uk (Accessed on 7 December 2020 and 21 March 2021)
Peronospora rubi (as Rubus) (PERORU) Major host
Phytophthora rubi (PHYTFU) Major host
* Raffle S, Allen J (2007) Phytophthora root rot of raspberry and other cane fruits. Factsheet Cane fruit. Horticultural Development Council, East Malling (GB), 8 pp. https://projectblue.blob.core.windows.net/media/Default/Horticulture/Publications/Phytophthora%20root%20rot%20of%20raspberry%20and%20other%20cane%20fruits.pdf

* Wilcox WF (1989) Identity, virulence and isolation frequency of seven Phytophthora spp. causing root rot of raspberry in New York. Phytopathology 79, 93-101. 
Raspberry latent virus (RPLV00) Major host
Raspberry leaf curl virus (RLCV00) Major host
* Stace-Smith R, Converse RH (1987) Raspberry leaf curl. In: Virus diseases of small fruits (Ed. by Converse RH). USDA Agriculture Handbook No. 631, 187-190.
Raspberry ringspot virus (RPRSV0) Major host
Strawberry latent ringspot virus (SLRSV0) Major host
Tomato ringspot virus (TORSV0) Major host
* Braun A, Keplinger J (1973): Seed transmission of Tomato ringspot virus in raspberry. Plant Disease Reporter 57, 431-432.
Anastrepha fraterculus (ANSTFR) Wild/Weed
* Custódio AC, Donnaruma TL, Souza-Filho MF, Louzeiro LRF, Raga A (2016) Moscas-das-frutas (Diptera: Tephritidae, Lonchaeidae) associadas as suas plantas hospedeiras no estado de São Paulo. Biológico 78(2), p. 36.
Hamaspora longissima (as Rubus) (HAMALO) Wild/Weed