EPPO Global Database

Pseudococcus viburni(PSECOB)


Categories have been assigned by the EPPO Secretariat on the basis of available data at the time of entry. They correspond to an evaluation of the biological importance of the host plant for the pest concerned, together with the economic importance of this plant for the EPPO region. These categories do not reflect the complexity of the associations that may exist between a host plant and a pest, nor result from exhaustive literature reviews. Further explanation of categories is available in the guide.
Organism Type
Catalpa bignonioides (CTLBI) Major
Citrus (1CIDG) Major
Diospyros kaki (DOSKA) Major
Fragaria x ananassa (FRAAN) Major
Juglans regia (IUGRE) Major
Prunus (1PRNG) Major
Punica granatum (PUNGR) Major
Pyrus communis (PYUCO) Major
Solanum lycopersicum (LYPES) Major
Solanum tuberosum (SOLTU) Major
Vitis vinifera (VITVI) Major
woody plants (2WOOP) Major
Ceratonia siliqua (CEQSI) Unclassified
* Gugliuzzo A, Mazzeo G, Mansour R, Tropea Garzia G (2019) Carob pests in the Mediterranean region: bio-ecology, natural enemies and management options. Phytoparasitica 47, 605-628.