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Catalpa bignonioides(CTLBI)

Last modification: 2001-10-07

Basic information
  • EPPO code: CTLBI
  • Preferred name: Catalpa bignonioides
  • Authority: Walter


USA (generally, except Great Plains). Widely cultivated as an ornamental tree and introduced into many warm temperate countries

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Common names
Name Language
бигнониева каталпа Bulgarian
katalpa trubačovitá Czech
gewöhnlicher Trompetenbaum German
catalpa English
common catalpa English
Indian bean English (US)
southern catalpa English
catalpa común Spanish
arbre aux haricots French
catalpa commun French
catalpa de Caroline French
katalpa  Croatian
szívlevelű szivarfa Hungarian
albero dei sigari Italian
catalpa Italian
catalpa americana Italian
アメリカキササゲ Japanese
amerika-kisasage Japanese
amerika-kisasage* Japanese
gewone trompetboom Dutch
groene trompetboom Dutch
katalpa bignoniowa Polish
surmia bignoniowa Polish
surmia zwyczajna Polish
árvore-das-trombetas Portuguese
catalpa Portuguese
катальпа бигнониевидная Russian
katalpa trubačovitá Slovak
katalpë Albanian
katalpa Swedish
trumpetträd Swedish
катальпа бігнонієвидна Ukrainian