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Diospyros kaki(DOSKA)

Last modification: 2001-10-21

Basic information
  • EPPO code: DOSKA
  • Preferred name: Diospyros kaki
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Native to China, but widely introduced and cultivated in warmer parts of the world for its edible fruits

Common names
Name Language
китайска хурма Bulgarian
райска ябълка Bulgarian
caquier Catalan
chinesischer Dattelpflaumenbaum German
Kakipflaumenbaum German
Chinese date plum English
Chinese persimmon English
Japanese persimmon English
kaki plum English
persimmon English
caqui Spanish
kaki del Japón Spanish
placa minera Spanish
figue caque French
kaki French
plaqueminier kaki French
cachi Italian
kaki Italian
loto del Giappone Italian
カキ Japanese
ビワ Japanese
カキノキ Japanese
biwa Japanese
kaki Japanese
kaki-no-ki Japanese
Japanse persimmon Dutch
kaki Dutch
caquizeiro Portuguese
dióspireiro Portuguese
dióspiro Portuguese
хурма восточная Russian
хурма японская Russian
hurmë Albanian
japansk persimon Swedish
kakiplommon Swedish
kinesisk persimon Swedish
trabzon hurması Turkish
хурма східна Ukrainian
shi Chinese
shì Chinese