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Musa sp.(MUBSS)


Organism Type
Anastrepha ludens (ANSTLU) Artificial
* Baker AC, Stone WE, Plummer CC, McPhail M (1944) A review of studies on the Mexican fruitfly and related Mexican species. USDA Miscellaneous Publications, 155 pp.
Meloidogyne enterolobii (MELGMY) Incidental
* Luquini L, Barbosa, Ferreira C, Rocha L, Haddad F, Amorim E (2019) First report of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne enterolobii on bananas in Brazil. Plant Disease 103(2), p 377.
------- In Minas Gerais state, Brazil.
Rhynchophorus palmarum (as Musa) (RHYCPA) Incidental
Ralstonia solanacearum sensu lato (as Musa) (RALSSO) Major
Bactrocera dorsalis (as Musa) (DACUDO) Minor
Banana bunchy top virus (as Musa) (BBTV00) Minor
Chaetanaphothrips signipennis (as Musa) (SCITSI) Minor
Corythauma ayyari (as Musa) (COTMAY) Minor
Fusarium odoratissimum (as Musa) (FUSAC4) Minor
Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (as Musa) (FUSACB) Minor
Hercinothrips bicinctus (as Musa) (HERCBI) Minor
Meloidogyne exigua (as Musa) (MELGEX) Minor
Nacoleia octasema (as Musa) (HEDYOC) Minor
Odoiporus longicollis (as Musa) (ODOILO) Minor
Papuana inermis (as Musa) (PAPUIN) Minor
Papuana woodlarckiana (as Musa) (PAPUSE) Minor
Radopholus similis (as Musaceae) (RADOSI) Minor
Radopholus similis citrus race (as Musaceae) (RADOCI) Minor
Raoiella indica (as Musa) (RAOIIN) Minor
Tiracola plagiata (as Musa) (TIRAPL) Minor
Aleurodicus dugesii (as Musa) (ALEDDU) Unclassified
Amblypelta lutescens (as Musa) (AMBPLU) Unclassified
Anatrachyntis badia (PYROBA) Unclassified
Brevipalpus azores (as Musa) (BRVPAZ) Unclassified
Brevipalpus yothersi (as Musa) (BRVPYO) Unclassified
Ceroplastes stellifer (as Musa) (VINSST) Unclassified
Chrysomphalus aonidum (as Musa) (CHRYFI) Unclassified
Colaspis hypochlora (as Musa) (COLAHY) Unclassified
Fusarium fujikuroi (as Musa) (GIBBFU) Unclassified
Lachnopus campechianus (as Musa) (LACPCA) Unclassified
Pratylenchus coffeae (as Musa) (PRATCO) Unclassified
Pseudocercospora fijiensis (as Musa) (MYCOFI) Unclassified
Pyricularia oryzae (as Musa) (PYRIOR) Unclassified
Ralstonia solanacearum race 2 (as Musa) (PSDMS2) Unclassified
Rotylenchulus reniformis (as Musa) (ROTYRE) Unclassified
Telchin licus (as Musa) (CASTLI) Unclassified
Tetranychus mexicanus (as Musa) (TETRME) Unclassified
* Migeon A & Dorkeld F (2019). Spider Mites Web. A comprehensive database for the Tetranychidae.
http://www.montpellier.inra.fr/CBGP/spmweb [accessed September 2019]
Thrips hawaiiensis (as Musa) (THRIHA) Unclassified
Zaprionus indianus (as Musa) (ZAPRIN) Unclassified