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Nepovirus nicotianae(TRSV00)

Distribution details in Netherlands

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2023: Present, restricted distribution
Pest status declared by NPPO: Present: incidental findings in ornamental plants for planting (2023-07)
EPPO Reporting Service (2001/045) : in 2000, found in Bacopa and Portulaca imported from Israel. Eradication measures applied. No further infestations found.

EPPO Reporting Service (2007/007) : found in Hemerocallis and Iris. Infected plants destroyed.

EPPO Reporting Service (2009/033) : outbreak officially declared eradicated.

EPPO Reporting Service (2011/087) : detected on symptomless Phox subulata cvs. ‘Alexander’s Surprise’ and ‘Temiskaming’ in several Dutch nurseries. Eradication measures are being taken in all infested or potentially infested sites.

Officially declared eradicated in 2012.

From NPPO (2018-04): detected in September 2017 in Iris germanica plants for planting. Under eradication.

EPPO Reporting Service (2018/228) : detected in August 2018 in 4 lots of Iris germanica plants for planting, and in 1 lot of Hemerocallis. Under eradication.

From NPPO (2019-09): detected in August 2019 in Ajuga reptans a plants for planting. Under eradication.

EPPO Reporting Service (2022/042) : outbreak on Ajuta reptans eradicated. The NPPO considers that TRSV is more widespread than currently known.
* Asjes CJ (1979) Viruses and virus diseases in Dutch bulbous irises (Iris hollandica) in the Netherlands. Netherlands Journal of Plant Pathology 85(6), 269-279.
------- In Iris hollandica.

* INTERNET (last retrieved in 2009-02)
Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. Pest record - Completion of specific surveillance for Tobacco ringspot virus confirming pest freedom. http://www/minlvn.nl/

* NPPO of the Netherlands (2001-02, 2006-12, 2008-12, 2010-03, 2010-10, 2017-06, 2018-04, 2018-09, 2019-09, 2021-12, 2022-07, 2023-07).

* NPPO of the Netherlands - Pest status of harmful organisms in the Netherlands (Fytosignalering covering 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015).
------- Pest status based on long term annual surveys (91 survey observations in 2011, 55 in 2012, 122 in 2013 which did not detect the virus).
Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
Belgium Present, few occurrences view...
Germany Absent, unreliable record view...