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Cacoecimorpha pronubana(TORTPR)


Important note about the classification of host plants in GD:
Categories have been assigned by the EPPO Secretariat on the basis of available data at the time of entry. They correspond to a qualitative evaluation of the importance of the host plant for the pest concerned and remain indicative only.
Further explanation of categories is available in the guide.
Organism Type
Dianthus caryophyllus (DINCA) Major host
Acacia (1ACAG) Host
Acer (1ACRG) Host
Berberis aquifolium (MAHAQ) Host
Brassica oleracea (BRSOX) Host
Citrus (1CIDG) Host
Citrus limon (CIDLI) Host
Coriaria myrtifolia (CRRMY) Host
Coronilla varia (CZRVA) Host
Daucus carota subsp. sativus (DAUCS) Host
Dendranthema x grandiflorum (CHYHO) Host
Euphorbia (1EPHG) Host
Hedera helix (HEEHE) Host
* Imre F (2019) Hedera helix L. a new larval foodplant for Cacoecimorpha pronubana (Hübner, [1796–99]) in Hungary (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). Microlepidopterahu 2019, 15, 29–34, (English Abstract).
Hylotelephium spectabile (SEDSL) Host
* Simoglou KB, Avtzis DN, Baixeras J, Sarigkoli I, Roditakis E (2021) Hylotelephium spectabile, a new host for Carnation Tortrix Moth (Cacoecimorpha pronubana) and molecular characterization in Greece. Insects 12, 245. https://doi.org/10.3390/insects12030245
Ilex aquifolium (ILEAQ) Host
Jasminum nudiflorum (IASNU) Host
Laurus nobilis (LURNO) Host
Malus domestica (MABSD) Host
Olea europaea (OLVEU) Host
Pelargonium (1PELG) Host
Pisum sativum (PIBSX) Host
Pittosporum tenuifolium (PTUTE) Host
Populus (1POPG) Host
Prunus (1PRNG) Host
Pyrus communis (PYUCO) Host
Rhododendron hybrids (RHOHY) Host
Rosa (1ROSG) Host
Rubus (1RUBG) Host
Solanum lycopersicum (LYPES) Host
Solanum tuberosum (SOLTU) Host
Syringa vulgaris (SYRVU) Host
Trifolium (1TRFG) Host
Vicia faba (VICFX) Host