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Polygraphus proximus(POLGPR)

Distribution details in Russia

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2021: Present, restricted distribution
Native range: Khabarovsk and Primorsky territories, Sakhalin and Kuril Islands (Far East).
Introduced range: Leningrad, Moscow, Udmurtia (Central European Russia); Altai Republic and Territory, Kemerovo, Khakassia, Novosibirsk, Tomsk (Western Siberia); Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk (Eastern Siberia).

EPPO Reporting Service (2011/216) : the native range of P. proximus includes the Russian Far East where it is usually considered as a secondary pest. This bark beetle has been introduced in the European part of Russia and in Siberia where it is causing tree mortality (on Abies sibirica) in taiga forests.

EPPO Reporting Service (2013/087) : also in Altay (Western Siberia).

In the Leningrad region, only one specimen of P. proximus was detected in 1999 on a Picea abies tree, the pest is not considered established in this area. In addition, A. sibirica artificial stands in parks in St. Petersburg and its surroundings have been monitored since the 2000s and no bark-beetle damage has been found (EPPO, 2014).

EPPO Reporting Service (2019/161) : first found in July 2017 in Irkutsk province.

EPPO Reporting Service (2021/173) : found for the first time in Udmurtia in 2019 (Central European Russia).
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http://hyoka.nenv.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/alien2012/alien_abst/o04.pdf (abst.)
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* Belova NV, Ulanov AV, Takhtuev AS (2013) Preliminary analysis of the invasive bark beetle Polygraphus proximus occurrence in wood products moved out from Krasnoyarsk Krai. Plant Health Research and Practice 4(6), 37-43.
------- Transport (railway) of non-debarked wood of Abies sibirica (round wood/posts) is the major pathway.

* Bystrov SO, Antonov IA (2019) First record of the four-eyed fir bark beetle Polygraphus proximus Blandford, 1894 (Coleoptera, Curculionidae: Scolytinae) from Irkutsk Province, Russia. Entomological Review 99(1), 54–55.
------- Irkutsk province (Eastern Siberia).

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Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
China Jilin Present, no details view...
China Present, no details view...
China Heilongjiang Present, no details view...
Estonia Absent, confirmed by survey view...
Korea Dem. People's Republic Present, no details view...