EPPO Global Database

Malvastrum coromandelianum(MAVCO)


Organism Type
Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (TOBRFV) Experimental
* Vasquez Gutierrez U, López López H, Frías Treviño GA, Delgado Ortiz JC, Flores Olivas A, Aguirre Uribe LA, Hernández Juarez A (2024) Biological exploration and physicochemical characteristics of Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus in several host crops. Agronomy 14(2), 388. https://doi.org/10.3390/agronomy14020388
------- local symptoms in inoculation trials in field conditions. 
Nepovirus nicotianae (TRSV00) Host
* McLean DM (1962) Common weed hosts of tobacco ringspot virus in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Plant Disease Reporter 46, 5-7.
Bean golden mosaic virus (BGMV00) Wild/Weed
Phenacoccus solenopsis (PHENSO) Wild/Weed
Tymovirus abelmoschi (OKMV00) Wild/Weed
* Kareem KT, Alamu OO, Egberongbe RK, Arogundade O (2012) Effect of different mulch materials on the incidence and severity of okra mosaic virus (OMV) in okra. Journal of Applied Horticulture (Lucknow) 14(1), 51-55.