EPPO Global Database

Hydrilla verticillata(HYLLI)

Reporting Service articles

Num. Title year-month
2019/197 Biological control of Egeria densa in South Africa 2019-09
2016/221 Assessment of the risks to Norwegian biodiversity from aquarium and garden pond plants 2016-11
2015/059 Suitability of the leaf-mining fly, Hydrellia sp., for the biocontrol of Hydrilla verticillata in South Africa 2015-03
2014/201 List of alien species determined to be potentially invasive in the Spanish regulation 2014-10
2014/079 Q-bank database on invasive alien plants 2014-04
2014/059 An updated guide on invasive waterplants in the Netherlands 2014-03
2012/136 New EPPO lists of invasive alien plants 2012-06
2012/106 The IPPC review of the global status of aquatic plants, their uses and the risks they represent 2012-05
2011/166 The Netherlands: national initiatives on Code of conduct 2011-07
2010/225 Ecosystem services and invasive alien plants 2010-11
2010/224 The EPPO prioritization process for invasive alien plants 2010-11
2010/168 A new field guide on aquatic invasive alien plants in the Netherlands 2010-09
2010/166 Emerging invasive alien plants for the Mediterranean Basin 2010-09
2010/092 Risk analysis of potential invasive plants in Spain 2010-04
2010/075 A New Code of conduct on aquatic plants in the Netherlands 2010-03
2009/223 A new legislation on invasive alien plants in the Comunidad Valenciana (ES) 2009-11
2009/166 Pathway analysis: aquatic plants imported in 10 EPPO countries 2009-08
2009/059 Hydrilla verticillata in the EPPO region: addition to the EPPO Alert List 2009-03
2008/189 A weed risk model for aquatic plants in New Zealand 2008-09
2008/188 Entry pathways of aquatic weeds in New Zealand 2008-09
2007/183 Invasive alien plants of national interest in New Zealand 2007-09