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EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 2010 Num. article: 2010/168

A new field guide on aquatic invasive alien plants in the Netherlands

As announced in the EPPO Reporting Service 2010/075, a field guide on aquatic invasive alien plants in the Netherlands has been published to raise awareness among the general public. This guide describes 20 target species that may be observed along watercourses and ponds in the Netherlands (including the 13 species which are mentioned in the Dutch Code of conduct on aquatic plants).
In this field guide, the species are ordered by family in an alphabetical order. Every species is illustrated with 2 pictures, and a short description is given on how to recognise the plant, its origin, its current distribution in the Netherlands, as well as on the current risks this species represents. Comparative tables provide the discriminant criteria (with illustrations) to avoid confusions between invasive alien plants and other species, e.g. waterweeds and water-milfoils. At present, this field guide is available in Dutch only, but English or French versions are envisaged.
A PDF file can be downloaded from the website of the Dutch Plant Protection Service, and a hardcopy can be obtained upon request from pd.info@minlnv.nl


Website of the Dutch Plant Protection Service: www.minlnv.nl/invasieve-waterplanten (in Dutch only)
Personal communication with Johan van Valkenburg, Dutch Plant Protection Service, J.L.C.H.van.valkenburg@minlnv.nl