EPPO Global Database

Datura stramonium(DATST)


Organism Type
Andean potato latent virus (as Solanaceae) (APLV00) Artificial
Andean potato mottle virus (as Solanaceae) (APMOV0) Artificial
Arracacha virus B oca strain (as Solanaceae) (AVBO00) Artificial
Beet curly top virus (BCTV00) Artificial
'Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum' (LIBEPS) Artificial
* Cooper WR, Horton DR, Milickzy E, Wohleb CH, Waters TD (2019) The weed link in zebra chip epidemiology: suitability of non-crop
Solanaceae and Convolvulaceae to potato psyllid and 'Candidatus Liberibacter Solanacearum. American Journal of Potato Research. DOI: 10.1007/s12230-019-09712-z
------- Found to be susceptible in this study.
Euphorbia mosaic virus (EUMV00) Artificial
Peach rosette mosaic virus (as Solanaceae) (PRMV00) Artificial
Potato black ringspot virus (as Solanaceae) (PBRSV0) Artificial
Potato spindle tuber viroid (as Solanaceae) (PSTVD0) Artificial
Potato virus T (as Solanaceae) (PVT000) Artificial
Potato yellowing virus (PYV000) Artificial
Potato yellow vein virus (PYVV00) Artificial
Tobacco streak ilarvirus potato strain (as Solanaceae) (TSVP00) Artificial
Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV0) Artificial
Aculops lycopersici (as Datura) (VASALY) Incidental
Aculops lycopersici (as Solanaceae) (VASALY) Incidental
Phthorimaea operculella (as Solanaceae) (PHTOOP) Incidental
Iris yellow spot virus (IYSV00) Indicator
Bactrocera latifrons (as Solanaceae) (DACULA) Major
* McQuate GT, Liquido NJ (2013) Annotated World Bibliography of Host Fruits of Bactrocera latifrons (Hendel) (Diptera: Tephritidae). Insecta Mundi. Paper 792. http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/insectamundi/792
------- confirmed host
Bemisia tabaci (as Solanaceae) (BEMITA) Minor
'Candidatus Phytoplasma solani' (as Solanaceae) (PHYPSO) Minor
Epilachna vigintioctomaculata (as Solanaceae) (EPILVI) Minor
Epitrix cucumeris (as Solanaceae) (EPIXCU) Minor
Epitrix tuberis (as Solanaceae) (EPIXTU) Minor
Helicoverpa zea (as Solanaceae) (HELIZE) Minor
Liriomyza sativae (as Solanaceae) (LIRISA) Minor
Pepper chat fruit viroid (as Solanaceae) (PCFVD0) Minor
Thrips palmi (as Solanaceae) (THRIPL) Minor
Tomato spotted wilt virus (as Solanaceae) (TSWV00) Minor
Colombian datura virus (CDV000) Unclassified
Datura distortion mosaic virus (DDMV00) Unclassified
Pepper chat fruit viroid (PCFVD0) Unclassified
Rotylenchus buxophilus (as Datura) (HELYBU) Unclassified
Aleurothrixus trachoides (ALTRTR) Wild/Weed
Brevipalpus azores (BRVPAZ) Wild/Weed
Ceratothripoides brunneus (CRTZBR) Wild/Weed
Epitrix cucumeris (EPIXCU) Wild/Weed
Epitrix hirtipennis (EPIXPA) Wild/Weed
Epitrix similaris (EPIXSI) Wild/Weed
Epitrix tuberis (EPIXTU) Wild/Weed
Heterodera glycines (as Solanaceae) (HETDGL) Wild/Weed
Leptinotarsa decemlineata (as Solanaceae) (LPTNDE) Wild/Weed
Meloidogyne ethiopica (MELGET) Wild/Weed
Potato yellow dwarf nucleorhabdovirus (as Solanaceae) (PYDV00) Wild/Weed
Prodiplosis longifila (PRDILO) Wild/Weed
Reptalus panzeri (REPTPA) Wild/Weed
Stagonosporopsis andigena (as Solanaceae) (PHOMAN) Wild/Weed
Thecaphora solani (THPHSO) Wild/Weed
Tomato chlorosis virus (TOCV00) Wild/Weed
* Alvarez-Ruiz P, Gámez Jimenez C, Leyva-López NE, Méndez-Lozano J (2007) First report of Tomato chlorosis virus infecting tomato crops in Sinaloa, Mexico. Plant Pathology 56(6), p 1043.
------- confirmed host
Tomato infectious chlorosis virus (TICV00) Wild/Weed
Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus (TOLCND) Wild/Weed
* Rabadan MP, Aranda MA, Gomez P, Juarez M, Tayahi M (2019) El virus de rizado del tomate de Nueva Delhi (ToLCNDV) en cultivos y malas hierbas. Phytoma-Espana no.  306, 18-25.
Tomato mild mottle virus (TOMMOV) Wild/Weed
* Hiskias Y, Lesemann DE, Vetten HJ (2001) Biological characteristics of tomato mild mottle virus a potyvirus isolated from tomato and thorn apple in Ethiopia. African Crop Science Journal 9(3), 517-525.

* Hiskias Y, Lesemann DE, Vetten HJ (1999) Occurrence, distribution and relative importance of viruses infecting hot pepper and tomato in the major growing areas of Ethiopia.  Journal of Phytopathology 147(1), 5-11.

* Walkey DGA (1992) Two possible new potyviruses from the Yemen. Abstract of a paper presented at the 7th Conference ISHS Vegetable Virus Working Group (Athens, GR, 1992-07-12/16), 27-28.

* Walkey DGA, Spence NJ, Clay CM, Miller A (1994) A potyvirus isolated from solanaceous hosts. Plant Pathology 43(5), 931-937.
Tuta absoluta (GNORAB) Wild/Weed
Xanthomonas vesicatoria (as Datura) (XANTVE) Wild/Weed