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Cortaderia selloana(CDTSE)

Reporting Service articles

Num. Title year-month
2023/074 Riparian invasive alien plants in Portugal 2023-03
2022/091 Spanolepis selloanae as a potential biological control agent for Cortaderia selloana 2022-04
2020/111 Cortaderia selloana in southern France 2020-05
2020/025 Cortaderia selloana in industrial sites in Galicia (ES) 2020-01
2019/246 Invasion risk of ornamental plants marketed in Spain 2019-11
2018/231 Alien plants in Mediterranean wetlands 2018-11
2017/125 Baccharis spicata in the EPPO region: addition to the EPPO Alert List 2017-06
2017/070 First report of Baccharis spicata in Portugal 2017-03
2015/160 Alien flora of Rhodes island (Greece) 2015-08
2014/138 United States weed risk assessments are available 2014-07
2014/079 Q-bank database on invasive alien plants 2014-04
2013/208 Outcomes of the IUCN conference ‘Invasive alien species: the urban dimension’, Geneva (CH), 2013-09-05 2013-09
2013/178 Eradication and control of invasive alien plants in the Mediterranean Basin: results of the EPPO questionnaire 2013-08
2013/117 EPPO Training course on the EPPO Prioritization process for invasive alien plants, Paris, EPPO Headquarters (2013-03-12/14) 2013-05
2012/136 New EPPO lists of invasive alien plants 2012-06
2012/086 French survey on how invasive alien plants are perceived by municipalities and landscape professionals 2012-04
2012/085 A protocol to determine restrictions to use ornamental invasive alien plants 2012-04
2011/065 Status and trends in the alien flora of Corse (FR) 2011-03
2011/025 Social sciences perspectives: how proliferating plant species in Camargue (FR) are perceived? 2011-01
2010/224 The EPPO prioritization process for invasive alien plants 2010-11
2010/166 Emerging invasive alien plants for the Mediterranean Basin 2010-09
2010/045 The perception of Spanish land managers of invasive alien plants 2010-02
2009/223 A new legislation on invasive alien plants in the Comunidad Valenciana (ES) 2009-11
2009/204 Inventory of the non-native flora of Italy 2009-10
2009/165 Pest Risk Analyses for French overseas departments 2009-08
2008/067 Eradication of five invasive alien plants on the Poor Knights Islands (New Zealand) 2008-03
2007/084 Participation of the nursery industry in controlling invasive alien plants in France: a charter with retailers 2007-04
2007/083 Participation of the nursery industry in controlling invasive alien plants: a booklet of substitute plants for southern France 2007-04
2007/041 Plants newly naturalized in North-Western France (Maine-et-Loire) 2007-02
2005/146 Noticeable plants in Landes and Pyrénées-Atlantiques (France) in 2004 2005-10