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Avena sativa(AVESA)

Associated EPPO Standards

Number Title Download
PM3/078(1) Consignment inspection of seed and grain of cereals
PP1/019(4) Seed-borne cereal fungi
PP1/020(3) Aphids on cereals
PP1/026(4) Foliar and ear diseases on cereals
PP1/093(3) Weeds in cereals
PP1/144(3) Reduction of lodging in cereals and maize
PP1/203(1) Admixture of plant protection products to stored plant products to control insects and mites
PP1/217(1) Oscinella frit
PP1/236(1) Oulema spp. on cereals
PP1/262(1) Take-all of cereals (Gaeumannomyces graminis)