EPPO Global Database

Ambrosia trifida(AMBTR)

Reporting Service articles

Num. Title year-month
2023/075 Climate change increases the global threat of three ragweed species 2023-03
2022/179 Impact of Ambrosia trifida on the soil seed bank 2022-08
2022/118 Ambrosia trifida in Russia 2022-05
2022/046 First report of Ambrosia tenuifolia in Romania 2022-02
2021/232 Weed seed contamination in seed shipments to New Zealand 2021-10
2021/002 Update on the situation of quarantine pests in the Russian Federation 2021-01
2020/207 National and regional regulations for non-native plants in Italy 2020-09
2019/176 New additions to the EPPO A1 and A2 Lists 2019-09
2019/067 Allergenicity of ragweed species which have been recorded in Israel 2019-03
2017/089 Integrated approach to control glyphosate-resistant Ambrosia trifida in North America 2017-04
2016/199 Benefits and costs of controlling allergenic invasive alien plants in central Europe 2016-10
2014/223 Invasive alien plants in China 2014-11
2014/124 Ambrosia trifida in the EPPO region: addition to the EPPO Alert list 2014-06
2014/079 Q-bank database on invasive alien plants 2014-04
2014/041 Plants regulated as quarantine pests in Belarus 2014-02
2013/231 EPPO Training course on the EPPO prioritization process for invasive alien plants for the Balkan countries 2013-10
2012/225 Invasive alien plants in managed woodlands in Vojvodina, Serbia 2012-10
2011/067 Comparison of invasive alien species in Japan and South-Eastern Australia 2011-03
2011/045 The Black book of invasive alien plants in Central Russia 2011-02
2010/069 Risks of introduction of alien plant species via seeds imported for fodder and birdseed 2010-03
2009/149 Lists of invasive alien plants in Russia 2009-07
2008/064 Invasive alien plants in China 2008-03