EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 02 - 2006

025 New data on quarantine pests and pests of the EPPO Alert List
026 Opogona sacchari found in Poland
027 Dryocosmus kuriphilus reported in Abruzzo and Lazio (Italy)
028 Details on Rhynchophorus ferrugineus in Sicilia (Italy)
029 Studies on geographical populations of Bemisia tabaci in China
030 First report of Nysius huttoni in the Netherlands and Belgium: addition to the EPPO Alert List
031 Strawberry is a host plant for Meloidogyne fallax
032 First report of Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder crinivirus and Cucumber vein yellowing ipomovirus in Cyprus
033 Studies on Tomato yellow leaf curl begomoviruses in Jordan
034 New disorder of chestnut found in Marche region (Italy)
035 A new Alternaria species identified on Ya Li pears (Pyrus bretschneideri)
036 PCR test to detect Apiosporina morbosa
037 Absence of Potato spindle tuber pospiviroid in Canada
038 Phytoplasma classification
039 International course on ‘The use of real-time BIO-PCR for detecting brown rot and ring rot bacteria on potatoes’, Ankara, 2006-06-26/30
040 International Symposium on pine wilt disease, Lisbon (2006-07-10/14)
041 Management of invasive alien plants in Islas Canarias (Spain): regulations are in preparation
042 Ipomoea triloba, a new exotic species for the Iberian peninsula
043 Solanum elaeagnifolium and Solanum mauritianum naturalized in Taiwan
044 Senecio inaequidens naturalized in Taiwan
045 Eradication project of Senecio inaequidens in Corse, France
046 Observations on Elide asparagoides and Polygala myrtifolia in Corse, France
047 Invasive plants in Belgium
048 EWRS Working Group on Invasive Plants