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EPPO Reporting Service no. 02 - 2006 Num. article: 2006/041

Management of invasive alien plants in Islas Canarias (Spain): regulations are in preparation

The “Boletín official del Parlamento de Canarias” of the 2004-04-07 presents a project of law to protect Biodiversity on the Islas Canarias. The seventh chapter is dedicated to the management of exotic species and states that three lists should be created:
- a “list of weeds, threatening crops and forests”,
- a “list of invasive alien species, threatening indigenous species”,
- a “list of potentially harmful species”: species which could be on the 2 previous lists if they escape in natural ecosystems.
These lists will have to be elaborated within a maximum period of 1 year after the entry into force of the project of law. Possession, exhibition, use and trade in Islas Canarias of species registered on the “list of potentially harmful species” are prohibited. A few authorizations may be granted for particular agricultural uses, biological control, education programmes or scientific studies. New incursions of exotic species must be notified to the administration service in charge of the environment within the Islas Canarias. The authorities will implement management programmes to contain and eradicate these invasive species or potentially invasive species. Deliberate introduction of exotic species into natural ecosystems is forbidden. Clear and well defined benefits will have to be identified before any release of exotic species in nature can be authorized.


Boletín official del parlamento de Canarias. VI Legislatura nùm. 49. 7 de abril de 2004. http://www.parcan.es

El gobierno canario impulsará la elaboración de una estrategia de biodiversidad. http://www.agroterra.com/noticias/imprimir.asp?IdNoticia=7798