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Tomato spotted wilt virus(TSWV00)

Distribution details in Poland

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2021: Present, no details
First recorded in: 1950s
Pest status declared by NPPO: Present, only in some parts of the Member State concerned (2018-04)
From CABI Disease map 008 (1999): Present, restricted distribution
EPPO Reporting Service (2000/129) : according to surveys in 1991/1993, found in a few horticultural farms in the west. Mainly in tomato, but occasionally in capsicum, alstroemeria and Asparagus sprengeri. Status is "Present: only in some areas".

According to the NPPO (2011): TSWV was detected for the last time in 2005 in 1 place of production. From 2006 to 2010, 22 839 visual inspections were carried out officially on host plants for planting, and 495 samples were tested in the laboratory. All tested samples gave negative results.

According to Berniak (2016), TSWV occurs sporadically in Poland.

EPPO Reporting Service (2019/133) : found in a nursery producing plants for planting of chrysanthemum in Rzgów. All plants from contaminated lots were destroyed (burned).

According to Korbecka-Glinka et al. (2021): widespread in tobacco and weeds.
* Berniak H (2016) Characterization of new Tomato spotted wilt virus isolates found in Hippeastrum hybridum (Hort.) plants in Poland. Journal of Horticultural Research 24(1), 5-12.
------- New isolates found in Hippeastrum hybridum plants.

* Kaminska, M.; Korbin, M. (1991) Phytopathologica Polonica No. 12, 9-14.
------- In glasshouse tomato, Capsicum and ornamentals.

* Kaminska, M.; Korbin, N.; Malinowski, T.; Rudzinska-Langwald, R. (1997) Progress in Plant Protection 37, 369-373.

* Korbecka-Glinka G, Przybyś M, Feledyn-Szewczyk B (2021) A survey of five plant viruses in weeds and tobacco in Poland. Agronomy 11(8), 1667.

* Korbin, M.; Kaminska, M. (1995) Rasteniev'dni Nauki 32 (4), 136-139.
------- Present in tobacco since the 1950s.

* Lewartowski, R.; Piekarczyk, K. (1986) Biuletyn Instytutu Ochrony Roslin pp. 49-100.
------- In tobacco.

* NPPO of Poland (2011-06, 2018-04).

* Zawirska, I.; Ruszkiewicz, M.; Micinski, B. (1983) The problem of tomato spotted wilt virus in Poland. Zeszyty Problemowe Postepow Nauk Rolniczych No. 291, 393-405.
------- Data are tabulated on the occurrence of TSWV on tobacco.
Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
Czech Republic Present, restricted distribution view...
Germany Present, widespread view...
Lithuania Present, few occurrences view...
Russia Southern Russia Present, no details view...
Russia Present, no details view...
Russia Far East Present, no details view...
Slovakia Absent, unreliable record view...
Ukraine Present, no details view...