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Tobacco rattle virus(TRV000)

Associated EPPO Standards

Number Title Download
PM4/004(2) Certification scheme for lily   
PM4/005(2) Certification scheme for narcissus  
PM4/013(2) Classification scheme for tulip    
PM4/014(2) Classification scheme for crocus     
PM4/022(2) Classification scheme for freesia  
PM4/023(2) Classification scheme for hyacinth
PM4/024(2) Classification scheme for narcissus
PM4/028(1) Certification scheme for seed potatoes
PM4/033(1) Certification scheme for poplar and willow
PM4/034(1) Production of pathogen-tested herbaceous ornamentals
PM4/035(1) Soil test for virus–vector nematodes in the framework of EPPO Standard PM 4 Schemes for the production of healthy plants for planting of fruit crops, grapevine, Populus and Salix (and corrigendum)
PP2/013(1) Ornamentals under protected cultivation
PP2/015(1) Tobacco