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Spinacia oleracea(SPQOL)

Last modification: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO code: SPQOL
  • Preferred name: Spinacia oleracea
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Not known in the wild, but believed to have originated in Western Asia. Widely cultivated worldwide as a green vegetabble

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Spinacia glabra Miller
Spinacia inermis Mönch
Spinacia spinosa Mönch

Common names
Name Language
спанак Bulgarian
špenát setý Czech
spinat Danish
Gemüsespinat German
Spinat German
spinach English
espinaca Spanish
pinaatti Finnish
épinard French
épinard à épines French
épinard sans épines French
špinat  Croatian
spenót Hungarian
spinacio Italian
spinacio comune Italian
시금치 Korean
si geum chi Korean
spinazie Dutch
spinat Norwegian
szpinak warzywny Polish
chama-da-floresta Portuguese
espinafre Portuguese
шпинат огородный Russian
špenát siaty Slovak
navadna špinača Slovene
spinaq Albanian
шпинат Serbian
spenat Swedish
ıspanak Turkish
шпинат городній Ukrainian
bō cài shǔ Chinese
菠菜属 Chinese