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Lecanosticta acicola(SCIRAC)

Distribution details in Switzerland

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2016: Present, no details
First recorded in: 1995
Only detected on ornamental Pinus mugo, not found in forests.

EPPO Reporting Service (1995/239) : found for the first time in 1995-06 on 5 Pinus mugo and 2 P. uncinata in the cemetery of the municipality of Zollikon near Zürich. Control measures were immediately applied.

EPPO Reporting Service (2008/199) : also found in other cantons (St Gallen, Obwelden, Bern, Aargau) but only on Pinus mugo grown in parks and gardens.
* Holdenrieder O, Sieber TN (1995) First report of Mycosphaerella dearnessii in Switzerland. European Journal of Forest Pathology 25(5), 293-295.

* Institut fédéral de recherches sur la forêt, la neige et le paysage WSL, Birmensdorf (CH). Meier F, Engesser R, Forster B, Odermatt O, Angst A (2008) Protection des forêts – Vue d’ensemble 2007. http://www.wsl.ch/forschung/forschungsunits/walddynamik/waldschutz/wsinfo/fsueb/fsub07f.pdf

* Janoušek J, Wingfield MJ, Marmolejo Monsivais JG, Jankovský L, Stauffer C, Konečný A, Barnes I (2016) Genetic analyses suggest separate introductions of the pine pathogen Lecanosticta acicola into Europe. Phytopathology 106(11), 1413-1425.
-------- Several isolates from Walensee and Zürich.
Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
Austria Present, restricted distribution view...
France Present, few occurrences view...
Germany Present, few occurrences view...
Italy Present, restricted distribution view...