EPPO Global Database

Rosa rugosa(ROSRG)


Organism Type
American plum line pattern virus (as Rosaceae) (APLPV0) Artificial
Erwinia amylovora (as Rosa) (ERWIAM) Artificial
Phytophthora fragariae (as Rosaceae) (PHYTFR) Artificial
Aonidiella citrina (as Rosa) (AONDCI) Incidental
Epiphyas postvittana (as Rosa) (TORTPO) Incidental
Grapholita packardi (as Rosa) (LASPPA) Incidental
Malacosoma americanum (as Rosa) (MALAAM) Incidental
Oligonychus perseae (as Rosa) (OLIGPA) Incidental
Phymatotrichopsis omnivora (as Rosa) (PHMPOM) Incidental
Scirtothrips citri (as Rosa) (SCITCI) Incidental
Scirtothrips dorsalis (as Rosa) (SCITDO) Incidental
Strawberry latent ringspot virus (as Rosa) (SLRSV0) Incidental
Meloidogyne enterolobii (as Rosa) (MELGMY) Major
Platynota stultana (as Rosa) (PLAAST) Major
Popillia japonica (as Rosa) (POPIJA) Major
Rose rosette emaravirus (RRV000) Major
Aleurocanthus spiniferus (as Rosa) (ALECSN) Minor
Aleurocanthus woglumi (as Rosa) (ALECWO) Minor
Anoplophora chinensis (as Rosa) (ANOLCN) Minor
Anthonomus quadrigibbus (as Rosa) (TACYQU) Minor
Anthonomus signatus (as Rosa) (ANTHSI) Minor
Apple mosaic virus (as Rosa) (APMV00) Minor
Cacoecimorpha pronubana (as Rosa) (TORTPR) Minor
Comstockaspis perniciosa (as Rosa) (QUADPE) Minor
Coniothyrium wernsdorffiae (as Rosa) (CONIWE) Minor
Epichoristodes acerbella (as Rosa) (EPIOIO) Minor
Frankliniella occidentalis (as Rosa) (FRANOC) Minor
Grapholita prunivora (as Rosa) (LASPPR) Minor
Iris yellow spot tospovirus (as Rosa) (IYSV00) Minor
Lopholeucaspis japonica (as Rosa) (LOPLJA) Minor
Malacosoma americanum (as Rosaceae) (MALAAM) Minor
Malacosoma parallela (as Rosa) (MALAPA) Minor
Meloidogyne mali (as Rosa) (MELGMA) Minor
Phytophthora ramorum (PHYTRA) Minor
Rhizobium rhizogenes (as Rosa) (AGRBRH) Minor
Rose rosette emaravirus (as Rosa) (RRV000) Minor
Tetranychus evansi (as Rosa) (TETREV) Minor
Thaumatotibia leucotreta (as Rosa) (ARGPLE) Minor
Thrips imaginis (as Rosa) (THRIIM) Minor
Tomato ringspot virus (as Rosa) (TORSV0) Minor
Wahlgreniella nervata (as Rosa) (AMPHNE) Minor
Adoretus sinicus (as Rosa) (ADORSI) Unclassified
Anoplophora chinensis (ANOLCN) Unclassified
Blitopertha orientalis (as Rosa) (ANMLOR) Unclassified
* Smitha R, Rajendran P, Sandhya PT, Aparna VS, Rajees PC (2017) Insect pest complex of rose at Regional Agricultural Research Station, Ambalavayal, Wayanad. Acta Horticulturae 1165, 39-44. ISHS 2017. DOI 10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1165.6
------- confirmed host (pest of rose in Wayanad, Kerala)
Eotetranychus lewisi (as Rosa) (EOTELE) Unclassified
Halyomorpha halys (HALYHA) Unclassified
Luperomorpha xanthodera (as Rosa) (LUPMXA) Unclassified
Lycorma delicatula (LYCMDE) Unclassified
Lycorma delicatula (as Rosa) (LYCMDE) Unclassified
Meloidogyne luci (as Rosa) (MELGLC) Unclassified
Oemona hirta (as Rosa) (OEMOHI) Unclassified
Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum (as Rosa) (RALSPS) Unclassified
* Bergma-Vlami M, van de Bilt JLJ, Tjou-Tam-Sin NNA, Westenberg M, Meekes ETM, Teunissen HAS, Van Vaerenbergh J (2018) Phylogenetic assignment of Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum (Ralstonia solanacearum phylotype I) isolated from Rosa spp. Plant Disease 102(11), 2258-2267.
------- On glasshouse roses in the Netherlands.
Reptalus panzeri (as Rosa) (REPTPA) Unclassified
Ricania speculum (as Rosa) (RICASC) Unclassified
Rose wilt agent (as Rosa) (ROW000) Unclassified
Tetranychus mexicanus (as Rosa) (TETRME) Unclassified
* Flechtmann CHW (1967) Contribution to knowledge of the mites of plants of some regions of the State of Sao Paulo (as a systematic survey including new species). Piracicaba, Brasil: 47.
Thrips hawaiiensis (as Rosa) (THRIHA) Unclassified
Anthonomus bisignifer (as Rosa) (ANTHBI) Wild/Weed
Margarodes vitis (as Rosaceae) (MARGVI) Wild/Weed
Rhagoletis pomonella (as Rosa) (RHAGPO) Wild/Weed
Rhagoletis pomonella (as Rosaceae) (RHAGPO) Wild/Weed