EPPO Global Database

Raffaelea lauricola(RAFFLA)


Important note about the classification of host plants in GD:
Categories have been assigned by the EPPO Secretariat on the basis of available data at the time of entry. They correspond to a qualitative evaluation of the importance of the host plant for the pest concerned and remain indicative only.
Further explanation of categories is available in the guide.
Organism Type
Cinnamomum camphora (CINCA) Major host
Persea americana (PEBAM) Major host
Persea borbonia (PEBBO) Major host
Persea palustris (PEBPA) Major host
Sassafras albidum (SSAAL) Major host
* Loyd AL, Chase KD, Nielson A, Hoover N, Dreaden TJ, Mayfield AE, Crocker E, Fraedrich SW (2020) First report of laurel wilt caused by Raffaelea lauricola on Sassafras albidum in Tennessee and Kentucky. Plant Disease 104(2), p 567.
Laurus nobilis (LURNO) Host
Lindera benzoin (LIEBE) Host
Lindera melissifolia (LIEML) Host
Litsea aestivalis (LISAE) Host
Persea humilis (PEBHU) Host