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Picea sitchensis(PIESI)

Code created in: 2003-05-18

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: PIESI
  • Preferred name: Picea sitchensis
  • Authority: (Bongard) Carrière


West coast of USA and Canada. Widely planted as a timber tree in Europe

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Picea falcata (Rafinesque) Suringar
Picea menziesii Carrière

Common names
Name Language
coast spruce English
Sitka spruce English
Sitka-Fichte German
Sitka-Fichte German
épicéa de Sitka French
épicéa de Sitka French
épinette de Sitka French (CA)
pícea de Sitka Spanish
abete di Sitka Italian
picea de Sitka Italian
picea di Sitka Italian
Sitka spar Dutch
espruce-de-sitka Portuguese
pícea-de-sitka Portuguese
sitkagran Swedish
ель ситхинская Russian
Sitka-gran Danish
sitkagran Norwegian
sitkankuusi Finnish
świerk sitkajski Polish
szitka luc Hungarian
smrk sitka Czech
sitkagreni Icelandic
ситканска смрча Serbian
smrek sitkanský Slovak
sitka Slovene