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Morus alba(MORAL)

Code created in: 2001-11-08

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: MORAL
  • Preferred name: Morus alba
  • Authority: Linnaeus


China, where it has been cultivated since ancient times as the food plant of the silkworm. Widely planted in other Asian countries and in southern Europe since the early Middle Ages, and also in parts of USA. With the fall in silk production in the XXth century, plantations outside China have been abandoned, and only traces remain. Also  grown as an ornamental tree in parks and gardens worldwide.

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Common names
Name Language
silkworm mulberry English
white mulberry English
weißer Maulbeerbaum German
mûrier blanc French
mûrier commun French
mûrier de Chine French
moral blanco Spanish
morera Spanish
morera blanca Spanish
morera de seda Spanish
ramón de vaca Spanish (DO)
gelso bianco Italian
gelso comune Italian
moro bianco Italian
witte moerbei Dutch
amoreira-branca Portuguese
moreira-branca Portuguese
vitt mullbär Swedish
шелковица белая Russian
шелковица плакучая Russian
hvid morbær Danish
kvitmorbær Norwegian
valkomulperi Finnish
beyaz dut Turkish
morwa biała Polish
fehér eperfa Hungarian
man Albanian
tût Arabic
توت Arabic
morera blanca Aragonese
marhugatze Basque
masustabe Basque
бяла черница Bulgarian
morera blanca Catalan
sāng Chinese
bijeli dud Croatian
morušovník bílý Czech
moreira Galician
moreira branca Galician
μορέα λευκή Greek
kattha Hindi
shahtoot Hindi
뽕나무 Korean
ppong na mu Korean
amourè Occitan
dud alb Romanian
бели дуд Serbian
moruša biela Slovak
bela murva Slovene
шовковиця біла Ukrainian