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Malus domestica(MABSD)

Associated EPPO Standards

Number Title Download
PP1/005(3) Venturia inaequalis and V. pyrina
PP1/006(3) Adoxophyes orana
PP1/007(3) Cydia pomonella
PP1/015(3) Tetranychid mites in orchards
PP1/018(3) Storage diseases of apples (pre-harvest application)
PP1/033(2) Hoplocampa spp.
PP1/069(3) Podosphaera leucotricha
PP1/090(3) Weeds in orchards and other fruiting tree crops such as citrus and olives
PP1/123(2) Nectria galligena
PP1/132(2) Zeuzera pyrina
PP1/158(3) Regulation of growth in pome fruits by orchard applied, pre-harvest applications
PP1/159(2) Local wound treatments of apple
PP1/166(3) Erwinia amylovora
PP1/174(2) Apple leaf miners
PP1/254(1) Eriosoma lanigerum on apple
PP1/255(1) Regulation of growth in pome fruit by post-harvest or ‘in store’ applications
PP1/301(1) Ceratitis capitata – bait application
PP1/302(1) Ceratitis capitata – foliar application
PP1/304(1) Control of suckers in orchards
PP1/313(1) Halyomorpha halys on fruit tree crops
PP1/314(1) Evaluation of mating disruption techniques against Lepidopteran pests in grapevine, pome and stone fruits under field conditions