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Lupinus polyphyllus(LUPPO)

Code created in: 2002-07-19

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: LUPPO
  • Preferred name: Lupinus polyphyllus
  • Authority: Lindley


North America. A forage plant. Its hybrids with L. arboreus and other species are cultivated as ornamental garden plants (with many cultivars) under the name Lupinus x regalis (q.v.). The common names cited may apply to either L. polyphyllus or its hybrids. Introduced in Europe, Siberia, Central Asia, Mongolia, South America (southern cone), Australia

Introduced and invasive in Central Russia

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Common names
Name Language
blue-pod lupine English (US)
garden lupin English
garden lupine English (US)
large-leaved lupin English
large-leaved lupine English (US)
perennial lupin English (GB)
Russell lupine English (US)
Staudenlupine German
vielblättrige Lupine German
lupin à feuilles nombreuses French
lupin à folioles nombreuses French
lupin pérenne French
lupin vivace French
altramuz perenne Spanish
lupino a fogliole numerose Italian
lupino fogliuto Italian
lupino perenne Italian
vaste lupine Dutch
blomsterlupin Swedish
hauchiwamame Japanese
rupinasu Japanese
ハウチワマメ Japanese
ルピナス Japanese
люпин многолетний Russian
люпин многолистный Russian
mangebladet lupin Danish
hagelupin Norwegian
komealupiini Finnish
łubin trwały Polish
erdei csillagfürt Hungarian
llobí Catalan
vučji bob Croatian
lupina mnoholistá Czech
vlčí bob mnoholistý Czech
hulgalehine lupiin Estonian
daudzlapu lupina Latvian
gausialapis lubinas Lithuanian
lupina mnoholistá Slovak
mnogolistni volčji bob Slovene
люпин багатолистий Ukrainian