EPPO Global Database

Lolium perenne(LOLPE)


Organism Type
Tilletia indica (as Lolium) (NEOVIN) Artificial
Nysius huttoni (as Lolium) (NYSIHU) Incidental
Tilletia controversa (as Lolium) (TILLCO) Incidental
Heteronychus arator (HETRAR) Major
Listronotus bonariensis (HYROBO) Major
* Barker GM, Pottinger RP & Addison PJ (1984) Effect of Argentine stem weevil on productivity of grasses in the Waikato. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 27, 93-101. doi:10.1080/00288233.1984.10425736.
------- confirmed host.
Meloidogyne minor (as Lolium) (MELGMI) Major
Listronotus bonariensis (as Lolium) (HYROBO) Minor
Pyricularia oryzae (PYRIOR) Unclassified
* Milazzo J, Pordel A, Ravel S, Tharreau D (2019) First Scientific Report of Pyricularia oryzae Causing Gray Leaf Spot Disease on Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne) in France. Plant Disease 2019 103:5, 1024-1024. https://doi.org/10.1094/PDIS-09-18-1545-PDN
------- confirmed host