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Ophiostoma wageneri(LEPGWA)

Last modification: 2001-02-20

Basic information
  • EPPO code: LEPGWA
  • Preferred name: Ophiostoma wageneri
  • Authority: (Goheen & Cobb) Harrington

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Ceratocystis wageneri Goheen & Cobb
Grosmannia wageneri (Goheen & F.W. Cobb) Zipfel, Z.W. de Beer & M.J. Wingfield
Leptographium wageneri (Kendrick) M.J.Wingfield
Verticicladiella wageneri Kendrick

Common names
Name Language
black stain root disease of conifers English
wilt of conifers English
 Почернение корней Russian