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Fragaria x ananassa(FRAAN)

Associated EPPO Standards

Number Title Download
PM3/052(1) Aphelenchoides besseyi. Treatment method for strawberry plants
PM3/073(1) Consignment inspection of Fragaria plants for planting + corrigendum
PM4/011(2) Certification scheme for strawberry
PM4/035(1) Soil test for virus–vector nematodes in the framework of EPPO Standard PM 4 Schemes for the production of healthy plants for planting of fruit crops, grapevine, Populus and Salix (and corrigendum)
PP1/016(3) Botryotinia fuckeliana on strawberries
PP1/047(2) Ditylenchus dipsaci
PP1/085(3) Thrips on outdoor crops
PP1/092(3) Weeds in strawberry
PP1/102(2) Phytophthora cactorum on strawberry
PP1/111(3) Otiorhynchus spp. on ornamentals and strawberry
PP1/147(2) Phytophthora fragariae
PP1/160(2) Thrips on glasshouse crops
PP1/190(3) Regulation of growth in strawberry
PP1/192(2) Mites on strawberry
PP1/238(1) White grubs
PP1/252(1) Aphids on strawberry
PP1/281(1) Drosophila suzukii