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Capsicum annuum(CPSAN)

Last modification: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO code: CPSAN
  • Preferred name: Capsicum annuum
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Origin in Mexico and Central America, with spread by cultivation to South America. Introduced into most of the rest of the world in historic times. Cultivated for its fruits consumed as a vegetable. The dried ground spice is obtained from C. frutescens (q.v.), but some authors combine the two species. Widely cultivated in the Mediterranean region

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Capsicum annuum var. acuminatum Fingerhuth
Capsicum annuum var. annuum Linnaeus
Capsicum grossum Linnaeus
Capsicum minimum Miller

Common names
Name Language
пипер Bulgarian
pebrotera Catalan
paprika roční Czech
paprika setá Czech
Spansk peber Danish
Gemüsepaprika German
Paprika German
Schotenpfeffer German
spanischer Pfeffer German
bell pepper English
paprika English
red pepper English
sweet pepper English
aji Spanish (BO)
ají dulce Spanish
chile de Castilla Spanish (AR)
chile dulce Spanish
morrón Spanish (UY)
pimentón dulce Spanish
pimiento Spanish
pimiento morrón Spanish (HN)
ruokapaprika Finnish
carive French
paprika French
piment French
piment annuel French
poivron French
jednogodišnja paprika Croatian
aprika Hungarian
közönséges paprika Hungarian
pepe di Guinea Italian
peperone Italian
pimento Italian
トウガラシ Japanese
tôgarashi Japanese
rode peper Dutch
Spaanse peper Dutch
papryka roczna Polish
pieprz chilijski Polish
pimentão-doce Portuguese
pimentão-verde Portuguese
pimenteiro Portuguese
pimento Portuguese
ardei iute Romanian
кайенский перец Russian
перец овощной Russian
перец однолетний Russian
перец острый Russian
перец-чили Russian
стручковый перец овощной Russian
paprika ročná Slovak
paprika Slovene
spec Albanian
paprika Swedish
spanskpeppar Swedish
biber Turkish
стручковий перець однорічний Ukrainian
là jiāo Chinese
辣椒 Chinese