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Necator salmonicolor(CORTSA)

Code created in: 2002-10-24

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Necator salmonicolor
  • Authority: (Berkeley & Broome) K.H. Larsson, Redhead & T.W. May

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Botryobasidium salmonicolor (Berkeley & Broome) Venkatarayan
Corticium javanicum Zimmermann
Corticium salmonicolor Berkeley & Broome
Erythricium salmonicolor (Berkeley & Broome) Burdsall
Necator decretus Massee
Pellicularia salmonicolor (Berkeley & Broome) Dastur
Phanerochaete salmonicolor (Berkeley & Broome) Jülich

Common names
Name Language
pink disease of citrus English
pink disease of cocoa English
pink disease of coffee English
pink disease of hevea English
pink disease of tea English
rubellosis of coffee English
rubellose des agrumes French
rubellose du cacaoyer French
rubellose du caféier French
mal rosado del café Spanish
mal rosado del tallo Spanish
rubelosis del cacao Spanish
rubelosis del café Spanish
rubelosis de los agrios Spanish