EPPO Global Database

Citrus sinensis(CIDSI)

Associated EPPO Standards

Number Title Download
PM7/135(1) Zeugodacus cucurbitae
PP1/072(2) Planococcus citri
PP1/074(3) Scales on citrus Link
PP1/090(3) Weeds in orchards and other fruiting tree crops such as citrus and olives
PP1/105(2) Storage rots of citrus (post-harvest treatments)
PP1/112(2) Panonychus citri
PP1/297(1) Thrips on stone fruits and citrus Link
PP1/299(1) Aphids on citrus Link
PP1/301(1) Ceratitis capitata – bait application Link
PP1/302(1) Ceratitis capitata – foliar application Link
PP1/310(1) Whiteflies on citrus Link
PP1/320(1) Trioza erytreae on citrus Link