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Citrus paradisi(CIDPA)

Last modification: 2002-03-01

Basic information
  • EPPO code: CIDPA
  • Preferred name: Citrus paradisi
  • Authority: Macfadyen


A hybrid, known only in cultivation, between C. maxima and C. sinensis. Cultivated mainly in tropical countries, for fresh fruit and for juice

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Citrus grandis var. racemosa (Römer) Stone
Citrus racemosa Tanaka

Common names
Name Language
грейпфрут Bulgarian
aranger Catalan
aranjera Catalan
naronger Catalan
grapefruit Czech
grapefrugt Danish
Grapefrucht German
Grapefruitbaum German
Paradiesapfel German
grapefruit English
pomelo English
toronja Spanish
arabi sagar arbola Basque
greippi Finnish
pamplemousse French
pamplemoussier French
pomélo jaune French
grejpfrut Croatian
grépfrút Hungarian
pompelmo Italian
grapefruit Dutch
grapefrukt Norwegian
grejpfrut Polish
toranja Portuguese
toranjeira Portuguese
toronja Portuguese
grepfrut Romanian
грейпфрут Russian
grenivka Slovene
portokall Albanian
grapefrukt Swedish
gıreyfurt Turkish