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Brassica napus(BRSNN)

Associated EPPO Standards

Number Title Download
PP1/049(3) Weeds in brassica oil crops
PP1/073(3) Psylliodes chrysocephala
PP1/078(3) Root, stem, foliar and pod diseases on oilseed rape
PP1/107(3) Ceutorhynchus assimilis
PP1/125(4) Seed treatments against seedling diseases (trials under controlled conditions)
PP1/153(3) Control of lodging and growth regulation in brassica oil crops
PP1/156(4) Accelerated ripening of oilseed crops and large-grain legumes
PP1/178(3) Meligethes aeneus on rape
PP1/218(1) Phyllotreta spp. on rape
PP1/219(1) Ceutorhynchus napi and C. pallidactylus (quadridens) in oilseed rape
PP1/220(1) Dasineura brassicae
PP1/233(1) Athalia rosae, Plutella xylostella and Autographa gamma on arable Brassicaceae
PP1/259(1) Delia radicum on oilseed rape
PP1/294(1) Ceutorhynchus picitarsis