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Abies balsamea(ABIBA)

Code created in: 2003-05-17

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ABIBA
  • Preferred name: Abies balsamea
  • Authority: (Linnaeus) Miller


Canada (except west), midwestern and northeastern USA. Essential oil  used medicinally

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Abies balsamea var. balsamea (Linnaeus) Miller

Common names
Name Language
balm of Gilead fir English
balsam fir English
dwarf balsam fir English
Balsamtanne German
baume du Canada French
sapin baumier French
sapin du Canada French
abeto balsámico Spanish
abeto de balsamo Spanish
abeto de navidad Spanish
abete balsamico Italian
abete balsamifero Italian
balsamspar Dutch
balsemspar Dutch
Canada-balsam Dutch
Canada-balsem Dutch
abeto-do-bàlsamo-do-Canadà Portuguese
balsamgran Swedish
пихта бальзамическая Russian
balsamgran Danish
balsam-edelgran Norwegian
palsamipihta Finnish
jodła balsamiczna Polish
ялиця бальзамічна Ukrainian